Disclaimer – written while exhausted last night … I just keep falling asleep the minute I sit down at home 😳

Ok so… work is just unknown for right now… we are handling all 3 funeral homes – so far so good… but the hammer hasn’t dropped yet – not that I want it to… but it is inevitable 😑 it’s comin

It would take a miracle 😮

I want to believe in one, but I don’t know… because I am the only one. Well me and one other really … but even that other has had it. Is driven though just like I am – same cloth lol

I’m not sure if we can pull it off or not? And they are tired

So… I don’t know – we spread thin.

I will pep talk them and tell them we can do it as a strong team let’s show them…

One completely doesn’t believe … but the other gave me a glimmer 😮

She asked me did I really think I could do it… yes I can.

But I should have asked her, if I do this – can you handle it – the pressure will be on?

I know they can but if we do this we pour everything in – so… I am not sure if they too tired to put all that in, and what if didn’t work?

I would have worked them to death 😮 for a corporation that doesn’t care

Can we all handle it without the things we need? I don’t know? We have already been through a lot 😮

We see if I can convince them. But they have to want it – if they don’t want it … it won’t work. So. I won’t have a prayer 😮

Somewhat cryptic but that’s the gist lol

But they have to decide … do they want to, and do they have the energy?

I want to… at least try? Plus I present my side with infectious enthusiasm lol ✌️😘 … like I am a coach before a big game ✌️lol

So we see – I don’t want to kill them 😮 I also love my moments with them and what a story it would be ❤️

But we see

Can I lead them and do they have it in them? 😮😮 😘✌️ … do you wanna come try with me? lol

Fun stuff huh?

I just don’t know if I can make them want it? So we see

They have to want it themselves! Not just me … so we see

I think maybe I am convincing – I have ideas … but again I need them to understand what will come – I want them to know reality, before they tell me a yes

So we see

Can I give them strength? Let’s see ??

Then my neighbors wife asks me outside for a minute 😳

Her sister has breast cancer and doesn’t want to have them removed… so I told her give her my number

I can show her reality. I would do it all again even though I remember that hell – but as soon as they said cancer I said take them. Get them off – time bombs. No thank you

So yeah give her my number

I have photos through that journey. I can show her so it does not scare her – only save her life.

She’s young. Give her my number definitely. Or give me hers. Either way. She can tell me no or not.

It helped me… but to each their own.

Be ready.

If you have a chance – you go hard. ✌️

And one cute thing – I took a call from someone who lost a spouse (😢) and this person is the most adorable person ever!

I answered the phone and they speaking in terms we do not use 😮😃

Like …I would never call someone’s loved one a “corpse” 😮 … and other stereotype death type terms lol – ones we do not normally use lol

I am used to them using those words now, but is funny – the terms throw me off for a second at first 😮😄

They are very adorable and scientifically matter of fact lol love them!! ❤️

Anyway… do I have energy? Nope… I am exhausted – energy drained!!

Definitely need sleep 😴 my head will hit that pillow and I will be out

I am on call tonight 🤫

Good night 💋✌️


Hello again – I am here briefly with updates 😳 some good.. some bad 😮

Alright so lost employee today. 😮

I don’t even know what to say?? What in the world?? But whatever ok

And then… I am at the other location … was supposed to be little while but ended up being all day long!!

Also we trying something… I am now co office manager with another girl I like and we handling all 3 – they approve overtime ❤️

I will take over reports for all 3 homes – my reports are flawless … I have every documentation!! And I don’t mind the reports … it’s a lot of work because I have to pair it with the documentation … I will also handle the repairs on buildings since I went through that with the air conditioning units at MY location

One of the locations needs that done for theirs – it’s the largest… it’s a $20,000 job. I have to find someone for that location. Tmrw I be at that location again.. I will do that tmrw…

I am having meeting with the other co manager with me tmrw … so we can go over everything

So we see this could work… quite beautifully 🙌❤️ we see

Oh and 🙄… I have to dress up for Halloween this year 🙄… we see…

I used to all the time and used to love it… but eh. I haven’t in years and what?? I don’t know if I’m in the mood – we see … I have time before this thing lol 🙄

I have to see what theme my girls picked for the location – I let them pick. 😳

We can’t do certain ones because they can’t be same as other funeral homes 🙄

We have to dress up and decorate hearse 🙄 for Halloween and trick or treat out the back of the hearse 🙄

Whatever lol – we see.

And then ya know there were just a lot of things going on today.

So. 3. Back to 3 lol … but that also opens me up to having assistant ❤️❤️❤️ 😮😮😮

“Look what I can do” 😮

And then we need one good director!! We have to find that

Do you know how hard that is? Dedication and drive are very hard to come by.

So we see. Let the games begin

Lol ✌️

I feel quiet.

Ex is also starting shit again so hmm

When does karma come? Please stop – I feel an overwhelm ness come over me with any of that.

So anyway – ya know – I just be quiet. I still love life. But is the way I cope so I can handle, so many heavy things – ya know – get a grip lol ✌️ it’s fine

Everything is just alot – but I’ve got it.

You have to keep a balance somewhere – I don’t have a very good balance at this very moment.

Ok well – I have to sleep again – more stuff tmrw 😮 ok good night 😴💤

Btw… I have a strong spirit always … plus I know what a gift life is so … I’m always fine – I just share and record moments ✌️😘❤️ – I learn my life ✌️ life is not always grand or perfect – sometimes it sucks lol … but whatever – you roll with what you got

I hate when people say – when life throws lemons, make lemonade 🤨🙄 – that is an annoying saying for some reason ?? But whatever – life needs to stop throwing stuff


Good morning .

I think I am strong – but not really – only little.

My mom had something called:

Transient ischemic attack

I guess that is somewhat normal with Alzheimer’s 💔

I think because I work for a funeral home and see death everyday that I will be ok… and I already have lost her anyway.

She doesn’t remember any of us now

On one hand, that’s my mom… and like a 5 year old – I don’t want her to leave me at school!! I want to run after her and just cling to her leg!! Don’t leave!! Please stay

But I know life does not work that way.

And she has already been taken from me – I can never have her back 😭💔 so whatever

Ok I can’t talk about that any more because it makes me cry – shhh … it makes my heart bleed from inside

(Luckily I work for a funeral home and crying is normal) – not unusual ✌️

Also yesterday, I had employee issue – a very difficult one. So that sucks!! I like this person – I don’t what is going on with them?

Is serious. So that stuff is not cool. It puts me in a position.

Not only with my own job but everything so … that sucked!! Dude why?

Whatever …

And then… ya know – my marriage was abusive… so he had issues with jealousy so … in order to deal with that…

I just removed the threat… didn’t really help but was better ish

I wasn’t thrown across the room and beaten all the time so that was a bonus … and peace ✌️ sorry if that’s hard to read – whatever

Anyway… so I had all the pressure of losing my dad and grandparents, as well as, losing my mom to Alzheimer’s… and then my cancer diagnosis and Satan …

So I initially isolated to just get the F away from everyone 😘✌️ just being honest ✌️

I just wanted peace.

And then at work I am able to kinda hide away ❤️🙌

And then Satan with his shit – I just want peace.

So … anyway… there is a point to that – I am showing you larger picture 😘✌️

So… that brings me to this..

I ran into the police officer friend on Sunday.

And then yesterday…

Well there is that foreigner guy who comes and helps me with repairs and things at the funeral home… he is playful

I always keep the convo professional though

Even though he is playful – I think he tries to see if I will react … I don’t – plus I am flirty and funny lol… that’s just my personality – that’s why I hide it, reason to be silent ✌️ because no!

It would just be off the rails! Trust me – you do not even know – let me continue …

So he’s really flirting yesterday … but ya know … I am a girl with sayings lol…

Never dip your pen in company ink lol … so there is that

I work here and I enjoy working here – so I won’t destroy that ✌️ just in case – I am always careful!

And then… on my way home I HAD to stop at the gas station I used to go to 😮

My face was puffy from crying yesterday… and my make up was gone. Full glory freckles lol 😑

Anyway… I went in to pay for gas and went to get a drink too – it’s hot 🥵

As I was looking at the drinks … he came over and he said to me “Hey lady, I miss you, please come back and see me more, I miss seeing your face”


I stay away and keep distance because I am American? I don’t want to hurt him or have him misunderstand me?

And I know the dude is all in 😮😮😮… if I ever said yes – he is signed, sealed, delivered 😮😳


He is kind soul … and he is sincere type…

But he doesn’t know me at all – just quickly when I run in and I am quiet – I only smile and be polite

Trust me I keep distance! For these reasons!

Ok so yeah he wants to know me

And as I left again he say “please come back. I miss your beautiful face!”

You see why I am cautious now?

Ok I have to run… I be back tonight hopefully 🙏

At DA’s office gotta go

Life forces 🤨

Sometimes life does not like the way you handle things, so it will push you lol

Life is pushing me 🤨

First with work cause that’s all crazy currently 🤨 so who knows what’s coming with that 😮😮

I love the job… it has given me peace and let me hide away ❤️ it helped me through covid and come to terms with the deaths I already experience – it removed the fear of death for me. ❤️✌️

So I don’t know what will happen there – it’s almost like life is pushing me to actually have a life and I don’t want that lol … I like being hidden away ✌️ I like my peace and silence

I have felt protected – so we see 😳

And then … with CB … I literally just stopped that whole thing because no!!

And then today … I had to do a work errand really early this morning… so I just ran all my errands today instead of tmrw – I thought it would be fine.

There is a reason I do Sunday night – because no one is out on Sunday nights so is nice and peaceful and no one sees me lol 🙌❤️

Sometimes I forget my reasoning… and then remember when things happen lol

I ran all my errands and went to stop at the post office …

Someone says “HeY” after I walked by … but I do not turn around for “Hey” because guys do that constantly and no!!! So I ignore and keep walking

But then I hear “Trish” 😮😳 ok that makes me turn around lol

It was that police officer I am friends with who used to ask me out all the time before covid. 😮😮

He is really sweet! I was just not expecting to see anyone and he caught me by surprise 😮

I hugged him though 😊🥰 was good to see him – his humor matches mine so I miss the funniness

But I am cautious with him and don’t think much about it…

He likes women lol (duh but alot) …so that’s a thing for me – I just don’t want playboy, so not sure where he is with that 🤷‍♀️

And he has a sexual tension energy?? You know 50 shades of gray 😳😮

Yeah he’s like that kinda 😮 and I am just kinda quiet lol … so high caution on that one

But I find it funny – because it is like life or god is totally laughing and having a great time putting me in situations recently 🤨🙄

See!!! It’s pushing

I’m just trying to be all quiet and unnoticed lol … I fail miserably at that!! Really bad!!!

I was liking my little peaceful world bubble ❤️ it’s been nice ❤️

I am safe ✌️

Now life trying to make me come back to life lol

I stopped my life with the cancer and haven’t really come back since because of the abuse … I just feel better when safe ✌️

I know it’s not normal. I am aware of it. Whatever, it’s been a great bubble ❤️ I have loved the peace? I love it very much!

And life trying to throw me back into life lol

It allowed me to go silent – and it gave me moment to breathe when covid hit (❤️) covid allowed me to survive because of it. And … it’s given me a safe bubble to be in ❤️…

It has allowed me to shut down and come to terms, grow stronger and make my life.

Now all of the sudden 😳😮… it’s throwing things at me for change decisions 🤨 😮 it does not wanna keep waiting for me to be ready … but what if I don’t want to?

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ I hate life lessons!!!! I hate when it does these things

I really love peace – so I do not like when life …tries to make me live it lol ✌️

It’s been a long time since ?? I don’t know? Wasn’t silent?

In business – I am fine – operate completely normal… social no problems … organized and handle – perfectionist with details ✌️ I am confident with work.

At home – organized and clean – always smells nice because I love coming home and having my home smell amazing ❤️ it smells like home ❤️❤️❤️❤️

But on my own time out in public or socially – I am in complete silence. I am polite but more soft spoken and quiet

I just keep to self. I don’t do social media – except this, I stay away from news mostly – but sometimes getting ready for work,I will have the news on – and then remember why I do not watch the news ✌️ lol

Whatever just sharing

But life trying to push me forward 🤨 ooohhh

So much things, omg whew! Also moving eventually

It’s not like I can take my time and just handle one thing at a time … no it’s throwing everything at me all at the same time!!

Stop! I like to ease into things lol … easy… slow. I will jump if I feel I can easily get a grip. If I believe in it. But usually I am not a jumper … 🤔 am I?

I do not think so?

I am just cautious. With everything so. I’m pretty sure life wants me to not be slow and start living life again 🤨

I just have to figure out how this is going to go.

Also if I get more money or larger position ? It could hurt me with buying the home 😮

I know to keep my distance with other things. 😉 I am skilled keeping distance ✌️

Oh and yesterday neighbor guy sees me coming home from work and pretends to leisurely walk over … and make small chat 🤨… hey there trisha how is work going? You been working a lot.

Ok I do not want to tell this man any tiny thing!! He will blab it everywhere – so no!! Seriously the tiniest thing and he will act like he has the inside scoop and knows all about you 🤨 ok no!!!

Definitely silent with this man.

And then he ask me if my landlord raised MY rent because of electric (they use absurd amounts of energy… I don’t)

She didn’t – but I’m not telling him nothing. I just said oh I don’t know I haven’t checked my mail… I know nothing.

But still he stands there and starts telling me about ??? I do not even know? Kilowatts? Blah blah blah blah … ok well I hear what he says but what do you want me to do?

And you should also know that he comes over to my house like that NOT wearing a shirt! 🤨

Ok ya know… this is why I avoid

So it just seems like everything coming at me all at once.

I am used to having change… but I just like where I find peace and feel safe, and I want to keep that.

In business I’m pretty strong. I can do change … but where is that gonna put me? It’s certainly not gonna lock me away anymore if I leave 😮 … if I stay will it be ok?

So I just have to figure that one out.

And life will just not leave me alone personally! It just keeps coming always – it does not let up!!

Even when I hide away 😮

Anyway… just saying – life is being pushy currently.

Ok well we lost track of time earlier with video games lol 😮❤️

Oh and I have the app for the blog on the tablet … I don’t use it on the tablet because I find it clunky – I am slow with it – where I am faster on the phone. Easier and smoother!!

Anyway – the app is on this tablet that is not  apple… the iOS is clunky to me. So I don’t wanna bother looking for how to fix something or taking the time to do that lol – whatever

But because the WordPress app is on there… it evidentially does notifications lol … I didn’t know that because I must have that off on my phone – it doesn’t do that – I get notifications but not crazy lol

So my daughter was here in the house and the tablet was going off alot lol …

I’ve been hearing it for about a week … I don’t know what the tablet does … whatever – it dings for some reason lol

And when I came in she asked me about the tablet noise – at the time she asked – I was not aware was because of the blog lol

It was only after a succession of dings that she groaned and then I see the blog and knew lol ahhhhh mystery solved

It was funny though ❤️

Ok Gnite 😘✌️❤️

Ooohh my 😳😮

So I have been quiet this week – cause omg things are going down at work!!! 😮😳


Ok… omg… I wanna just blurt out entire story!!! Cause these puzzle pieces are piecing together ….and I believe my job blew up today 😳😮

My boss made comments to me before the vacation – about selling house and leaving state… but then laughed it off so I didn’t think was serious??

So then things are happening at work also… I have second location and suddenly… I have whole new set of coworkers who can not stand each other!! 🙄 oh boy.

I adore both!!! So I’m all wrapped up in that drama 🤨…

Meanwhile … I had no idea what was gonna be coming – I get a call from my boss about reports and then my boss tells me they selling their house 😮

Little while later my bosses boss resigns 😮😮😮😳😳 what is going on??!’

It’s the pressure and corporate doesn’t really appreciate their people or pay them well. You do this job because you love what you do.

In August/September of 2020… many just left the company suddenly … and I keep watching the same scenario occur … it blows up… then comes back for a minute and then blows up again because they did not fix problem 🤨

Oh boy 😮

And then my boss said – we need to have lunch next week

Oh boy 😮 …. Is there more?? 😮

And my strongest directors 😮😳 we just all in shock 😮

Ok just slight heart palpitations 😮 that is because oh the pressure about to come really bad 😳 ok … so let’s just see for a minute – it’s gonna explode – everyone is gonna leave you watch – I’m scared 😮

That pressure gonna come down intense!!! Alright well maybe it will be fine – I am probably in a moment of shock and stun plus disbelief and wondering what just happened??

What is happening around me? 😮 oh no!! It is change again lol

Ugh I feel like my vacation was a million years ago!!! 😮

Oh boy ok … tmrw is new day… and also Friday …. Oh thank god! My kids are gonna be like “you didn’t play any video games”

They will know because my progress is same as when they left lol

Ohhhh I don’t have time!! And I’m tired and many things happening … all sooo dramatic 😮

Ok so drama … it will be fine 😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Maybe time to leave death also? I don’t know? Great … this again …

Ok so … huh. I don’t even know what else to say because that’s all I can think of!!

And the feud between the coworkers is sad to me. They are mean to each other 😮

It’s not good.

Soooo … the pressure builds lol

Lol … I know I repeat songs sometimes … but if they fit, they fit…

Oh god… and then one of my girlfriends texts me photos of this new guy she seeing 🙄 … omg I am at work and in this huge giant thing – plus normal work happening!!

And then the minute I get in car she calling me lol – she fricken has me timed

Oh so I listen for over an hour on my ride home (hands free) … so much stuff – all drama … she is the opposite of me lol … we are Ying and Yang

She goes through guys like water and loves all the attention lol … yeah nope.

She telling me a story about this guy and telling me he wicked classy… no he wasn’t ewww – no thank you

We do not have same taste thank god! But still! Eeww

But makes her happy so whatever – not my life – live your best life 🙌❤️😘✌️

This is her :

I am more this:


Yes like that lol … I am just quiet. I don’t share much… I just listen. I could never live her life.

I don’t wanna be around or involved in anything lol … nope no thank you!!

She CRAVES attention… omg she can not get enough lol

I do not “crave attention” – I try NOT to have that??

I only want peace ✌️ I just stay away from everything currently… just peaceful ❤️

Oh and last story because I am exhausted!!!

I felt a heartbreak today 💔

So the door Bell rang – we were having a service so everyone was busy … so I open door and he stand there with flowers.. I asked if he was guest or delivering flowers – but he was guest just delivering flowers 🤷‍♀️

So my director comes around the corner and I have to go because behind the office doors my entire world is going crazy!! 😮😮😮

So I run off.

Not that this should matter at all 💔😢… but my director is of different decent than me… I am not going to even share what… because that should not even be a issue… but it was 💔 because he was comfortable with her to say that to her

She came in and said he told her… after I ran off… “the white lady probably ran off because of the black man at the door” (meaning himself and me) 😮

That was rude.

I never miss treated that man or gave him any reason to say something like that…

That was just really low class to say at a funeral home. Rude and disrespectful – I am glad I did not personally hear that

I was offended – I would not do or say anything like that to him. OR anyone else ever!!!

So I am just saying – respect ya know … maybe have some? I would never treat a “human being” like that – so rude.

I bet he could not say to my face – he did not know me or what was happening. I’m sorry but that was Asshole statement!

Learn some class – stop judging people – and also you are not the center of the universe

This is why you do not listen to people because they do not know what they say??!!!

He didn’t know me or who I am… he made judgement and thought he being funny… I didn’t find that funny.

See … here with only words – there is no color ❤️❤️

Is only your eyes that paint your world and judgement – we can’t just be “people”… everything has to be labeled and marked… ugh 😑 …can we please have some emotional maturity?!

Sad but whatever

Ok I am exhausted – and tmrw will probably be insane because ALL week long it has been!!! 😮😮

Ok well … god help me 😳😳Gnite 😘❤️✌️

Reality is back lol

Hello… reality is back lol

So… I went AWOL for a minute to be with kids … it was because work was still texting me then kids say no work… so I did not check emails or check the group chat … I didn’t touch my phone really at all 😮

Omg and I had to keep my phone on silent so it would not be lit!! 😮

It was hard to turn my back 😮😮😮 initially that was REALLY HARD lol … but then I really got the hang of it and omg 🙌❤️❤️❤️ it was wonderful just recharge and awesome … I highly recommend vacations!! Lol

We got to just have fun and melt together and laugh ❤️ it was awesome

One day we stayed cool at a water park and I am all about those water parks … omg yes…

Let me slide down a slippery slide with water really fast and plunge into water omg yes!!

See how amazing those things are… you don’t have to do the drop ones but they fun ❤️

Yeah I really love water parks for heat – that is really genius!! You get to be in bathing suit all the time and just be in the water 🙌❤️ … plunging into water – yes I do love that ❤️❤️

It is perfect for summer ❤️

Anyway was awesome vacation … and we went to a gym and then also went swimming in pools and things ❤️

Things you do not want to do in winter unless you go somewhere tropical in winter lol ❤️ all the fun awesome stuff lol

Although sledding and skiing are fun also… there are some fun points …but not many and short lived before I freeze lol

My blood pumps better in heat lol 🤷‍♀️ … I am more alive in heat not cold – I am definitely happier with heat… but it does get insanely horribly hot – the severity is a bit much… the sun is not kind to my skin either …so I still have to be careful


Guess who I heard from on the morning of my birthday … yeah CB…

So I have mixed feelings with that … he doesn’t say one word until morning of my birthday and what? And why? Why bother and why do that, why say that?

I just don’t wanna go thinking he cares if he doesn’t want to.

I appreciate and I like that he remember … but that makes me think he cares so stop that unless you mean it.

So … I do not want to play games and I am not that type either…

So I told him …

I still have heart break coming at me when my mom dies… and I see heartbreak all the time…

I keep that balanced with the amazing incredible people in my life who always have me laughing and enjoying their company ❤️

I have to keep a balance … I can’t have sadness at home over someone I chose to come close

So it’s just not a healthy for me. I told him what I want and told him my deal breakers

I do feel like I am trying to push him away… I hate to make him go away … I do like him.

It just won’t work… he is not healthy for me… I am not ok with what I think he wants

That’s a no.

I just can’t … I just want peace in the areas of my life that I can have that in. Especially there! I’m sorry if we want 2 different things and I am not down with his version

So anyway … that’s hard but better to be hard now. I just want to be at ease and I am not at ease with that.

Anyway… coming back to work was hard because once I let go of work … it was hard to have it all come back lol

As soon as I got to work and got buried – ahhh that is why you need vacations from these things in first place lol

Ok I will write more later – I wrote this last night and you know how goes – I end up falling asleep 🤨🙄 it just happens

I have more to tell though – but later ✌️

Ok I need a shower and coffee lol

Happy Tuesday 🙌❤️✌️

Sacramento Earthquake 😮

I kept saying to my kids since last night – we gonna have an earthquake – no one believe me!! They think I am just saying crazy things… but I swear I could feel it both last night and this morning before it actually hit!!

When it hit we were at the hotel and the whole entire hotel shook and I looked at my oldest with BIG eyes 😳😮 I said it’s an earthquake …and he still said no… while the whole building shook 😮

I insisted was earthquake and then I started to worry because I started thinking of that place in Florida that just collapsed 😮… if not earthquake …then I don’t want building collapsing either 😮

Then later on news we saw was earthquake and ever since I been saying “SEE!!! You should listen to me… your mother knows!” 😄😘✌️😳😮😮😮

I just knew!! I kept feeling little tiny tremors – I’m telling you! Since last night!! (The princess and the pea 😘✌️)

It was felt through the Sacramento valley and surrounding areas 😮

I didn’t realize I would be loving vacation with kids so much that I wouldn’t have time here!! Maybe shortly? Lol

We been having amazing time ❤️🙌

Free at Last 🙌❤️

Not that I do not love it there – and I will miss… they are my extended family … my work family ❤️ I am with them a lot!


I’m excited to have the break and be with kids ❤️❤️❤️

I feel that sensation of getting on the flight …and just letting out a breath… because if you forgot anything – your fate was now sealed lol – so might as well relax lol ✌️❤️

Anyway woo hoo … amazing moments coming …

I really wish you could keep time and memories in a bottle that you can open whenever you need ❤️

I had an amazing day today… I got there early and dove right in …we had busy day ahead!!!

So attendants come… and then my girls come walking in together … with a HUGE Happy Birthday 🥳 ice cream cone Mylar balloon 🎈

It is really cute and that was so sweet – they asked me what my favorite chocolate was at See’s Candies one day and they got me a box of that ❤️❤️ they remembered ❤️ they gave me hugs and ❤️❤️❤️ see … look what I have ❤️🙌

And they gave me a home goods gift card …hopefully when this whole buying a home thing happens.

They also bought me lunch from where ever I wanted ❤️

Yeah I love my girls and my people ❤️❤️❤️

We fit so perfectly 😮❤️ our humor and demeanors match ❤️ we laugh a lot ❤️ we have to watch that… we do not laugh at anything to do with work – we are very respectful!!! We laugh at life stuff ❤️😄 I have moments with them every day lol ❤️❤️❤️ they are a part of my life ❤️❤️❤️

So was wonderful moments with them today ❤️❤️❤️

When you have a team that is strong and close like that – it’s incredible ❤️ and it shows in the work ❤️ we are happy together 🙌😄❤️

I’m not gonna play the actual song because it is creepy when applied to this lol. So no.

But we really do enjoy each other’s company and ya know why?… because I have made us a family… we have huddles, and strong communication, as well as having one another’s backs ❤️🙌 my location is extremely strong together

I continue to drive to the location on the highways I hate …because I love working with THEM!!

Anyway – they make me smile and feel special to them ❤️

They are special to me too. Many have made my month special – thank you – you mean a lot to me 😊❤️❤️❤️

I “say” is all month long lol … just one day to celebrate life just seems wrong so I just take the whole month lol… but then my daughter says “if that’s the case then I celebrate all of December” lol 🙄

Fine ..but mine is in summer so is just really awesome lol ✌️

I had to make a house rule because her birthday is so close to Christmas … every person only gets 2 presents for their bday… that way no one is cheated ✌️ works really nicely ❤️

She can celebrate when she wants.

I just love everything about mine being in summer ❤️ I always have … oh wait…

There was ONE thing I hated about summer birthdays … you weren’t in school, your friends were gone on vacation – no cupcakes to celebrate birthday with class … none of that ever … awww

Yeah that was the one thing I did not like. Lol

But same thing with Christmas break lol …

Well anyway… I am on vacation ❤️🙌❤️

😮 I haven’t had a vacation since … a very long time 😮❤️ many years.

Now I just relax breathe and enjoy moments … til next Monday lol

Lol … now I won’t wanna go back to work lol … well I just won’t want the time to end.

I do have to actually get up early and do some chores … I didn’t get those done last week and I pushed it – because my Sunday – was also the Fourth!! 😮 so that would have sucked trying to do the errands. So I didn’t.

So now I have to do really quick (hopefully… but I am on vacation …so I drag my feet a little lol) ✌️

***** I fell asleep writing this last night 😮😮😮 I worked 12 hours yesterday and was completely exhausted!! I am still little tired!!

I have to run those errands – hopefully is quick 🙏

Ok off to get things handled ✌️ so I can do nothing and enjoy ❤️

Happy day! ❤️

Money and Women

Oh I have one more story 😮 …

So someone I work with stopped by funeral home today because they are fixing few things for me, and we go over what I want.


Well he tried to make a move before and I told him no. And I just kinda keep my distance.

We are jokey – I joke around with all my people – we enjoy life when we able (ish) ✌️ … depends on what you want me to enjoy? Lol … but laughter yes!

Today I wore sundress because is easy – no effort getting dressed – put it on and boom done ✌️❤️

I was not expecting to see anyone and I have a black jacket if family come to door.

Anyway – he make a small comment about the dress and very beautiful …

I will gloss over that stuff really quick, if I am uncomfortable… Mainly because I am focused at work, but also – I am extremely careful!!

So whatever …

And then we finished going over everything and he was telling me about his vacation he took back to his country.

Sounded amazing and he helps his town and people back home… he goes back often.

He grew up in HIS country – not the United States.

I asked him … so what brings you to United States ?

It was originally for school, but then he got a visa and stayed …

When I asked why stay here … he say 2 things 😮😳

He said “I like money, and I like women” 😳😱😮 lol

I did NOT expect that answer lol …but ok lol

Ahhhhh … and see … that is why I say no!! Lol

I know a playboy when I see one – it doesn’t matter what country you from lol

I am still digesting that … money and women huh?

But let me also make a note – that is why I say no ✌️😘

Because he is playboy lol … nope I am not that type.

The money part I understand because I know our money is way more, than his country’s money.

He helps his family and community with that money so I understand that.

And yes he’s a man and men like women …sometimes lol …

But I am just more ???

I don’t party, I like to have peace lol … I am probably boring ✌️ so yeah there are those things lol 😘✌️

I just definitely do not want to deal with a playboy – I do not have time or energy for crap stuff – nor am I willing ✌️

But he’s always really sweet and tries to get the convo to go that way – but I never let it ✌️ nope!

Ok that’s my last story for the night … it was just funny that money and women were his deciding factor lol

Ok good night for real 😘❤️

Ugh 😑 it was a MONDAY!

My plan was to go in and get TONS of work done 🤨 I thought federal holiday for the 4th… so ya know… it would be quiet.

But nope – it was not … I was busy all day long.

And by crazy I mean CRAZY

We have a high profile case at one location … all affiliates will be there 😮 … NBC, CBS, ABC

It’s gonna be insane 😳😮 I will be on vacation 😮😳

Omg!!! How do you really take a vacation in this job???

They are making me – they don’t want me canceling because it is my birthday and also there is never really a good time, so just do it they say 😳😮 they tell me to take a break 😮

And how do you do that? 😮😳

So we see

My plan for tmrw is to go in and get lots of work done 😳😳 🙏🙏🙏 omg I’m not getting any work done… but I am working my ass off 😮😳 omg

Anyway just got home about hour ago 😮😳

Ok tmrw is my last day before vacation – breathe lol ✌️😮 … I also feel bad going on vacation because I know they need me 😮

I am team and I know they are going to struggle – they will pull it off cause they are “Rockstars” lol (I only say that word because one of my directors says it all the time and another one rolls their eyes and I find that hilarious ❤️✌️)

But they wouldn’t struggle AS bad if I was there. I hate that they are gonna struggle. So that kills me a little.

But ok… don’t turn around

That is REALLY hard!! And then I’m supposed to go on vacation and not think about them 😮😳

Ok just …don’t turn around … no thinking – that’s gonna be little hard. What am I gonna walk back into 😮 omg

Ok let’s stop thinking about that… I have other things to cause panic also 😮😳😳

Ok so I work late … I come home, drive in … park…

I go to get out of my car… I had my bag 💼… and my purse 👜 …

I don’t really pay attention walking, because I have never had any issues – although …I should be smarter than that… now I am 😳😮

Something moved when I moved away from my car – so I stopped cold. 😳

Then I saw it 😮… did I run over it? What is it??

So I tried to zoom in with my phone camera -cause I did NOT want to get close – no thank you 😳😱😱😱

But I stepped a little closer and took a pic …and he moved again 😱😱😱… and I was out – NOPE – I will NOT be checking my mail tonight lol

I called one of my neighbors lol… she met me outside because we were going to try to run it over, because we are both scared …

But with me pulling in with my car , and then taking photos – I probably scared him off – because he was gone 😮😱😱😱😳😳😳

So … tmrw 😳…

…Getting to my car without becoming a customer at work lol 😳😮✌️😱 omg

So this week… I have to leave work to go on vacation in the middle of everything 😮😱😱 when I put in for it – there was nothing… now there is everything 😮😳

And then “rattlers” 😮 oh no 😱 thats my first one “here”…. At my “seemingly safe” abode 😳😮

This is him 😮😳

That’s as good as it gets because I was not getting very close 😳😮

Spiders, Snakes, Coyotes … oh my 😮

And then also … I have a complaint! 🤨

Who do I complain to? Lol

Anyway … I am complaining because …

We have sooooooooo many jobs available… we need people badly!! Come get a job!!

Many companies have MANY jobs for people… but guess what??

Last year at this time we had over 12,000 applicants for one position … this year we lucky if is 3,000

So how is that? Tell me how?

Because when you look at unemployment numbers they high… but the job rate is also high… we have jobs for you…

Wtf is everyone????!!!

I am complaining because we need people!! Sooo bad!!

Can you please come get jobs!!!

One of my girlfriends, asked me if I could get her a job – YES absolutely!! Get me your resume… she tell me “I’ll have it to you by Friday”

🤨 Friday comes and she give me some excuse as to why she does not have yet, but she get for me soon.

Ok and see… no! I still don’t have it… I can’t put her into this business unless she is on it – and I’m not gonna put my name to back her, unless I know she can do it.

Death does not accept excuses 😮 death does not care about your excuses 😮

So whatever – that is not the foot to step forward with.

Anyway – now I have to go to bed so I can wake and be early to work to TRY to get SOME work done 😳🙏

We have 2 services tmrw

This week is going to be massive week for them 😮😳

And … I had more come in today 😮

Just walk away 😳😱

Ok well… I worked a very long day and am exhausted – going back for more tmrw 😳 lol… but I need sleep 🙏

Hopefully I do not dream of work or snakes 🐍 😳😮 🙏

Ok then – good night 😘❤️

I will be around better when I am on vacation ❤️🙌❤️

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