7 Happy and 7 Unhappy

Alright so a fellow blogger wants to know what are 7 things that make you happy and why… and 7 things that make you unhappy… as well as… what happiness is to you…

Just Seven Things? https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/05/18/just-seven-things/ — Read on aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/05/18/just-seven-things/

Just Seven Things?

Here are MY answers …

7 things that make me happy:

1.) my kids ❤️❤️❤️ – I could count them individually but this way I get more happiness lol ✌️ if you’d like I can explain in detail why they make me happy- but they just simply do – they are my heart ❤️ … my pieces ❤️

2.) My mom ❤️… I am happy that I still have her – I want to keep her… so I’m just happy I can still have her… I can still speak to her – I can still say I love you mom ❤️

3.) My people ❤️ – I have the most incredible people in my life ❤️ I would not have survived… seriously … through things without both the love and support from the people around me. I was lucky in the way… I didn’t die – but I got to see who was really there – and how loved I am… it was humbling … every step through these years – I have my people who have been there ❤️ I love my people… I created my own kind of family?

4.) I am happy I am alive and am surviving so far – kinda proud of myself ❤️ and very thankful. – blessed ✨

5.) It makes me really happy to cherish memory making moments … I like all moments to be awesome and memory making lol… but that’s not always the case. But I like when you can have an ordinary moment and you can just enjoy that. Enjoy and take in a moment?

6.) I am happy when I can be who I am. I am happy at peace and I love being free ❤️ I’m gonna bundle that one too… I want one more happiness lol

7.) Laughter … I need that. I don’t care what kind… sorta – there might be some I find annoying … like the unfunny stuff my kids like lol ✌️… but I need that umm ?? type of release? Has always kept me alive? Yeah deep like that – I am happy with laughter ❤️

I am also really happy when you let me do whatever I want lol ✌️😄… so I will take “happiness liberty” and go ahead and add a number 8… or I guess actually, 8 and 9 because letting me do what I want is a HUGE happiness ✌️❤️ this will be ⋕ 8 lol

9.) Music… music can fix your mood usually – you can lose yourself in music, you can go back in time with music, music can perk you up, or cry along with you

How about I just round this out to 10…. ok? Cause I’m just gonna do that 😘✌️- you can’t limit happiness!!

10.) It makes me happy to see someone else happy because of me ❤️

Those make me feel happy because I am living the way I want to ❤️ not hurt anymore

Ok so… 7 things that make me Unhappy 🤨

1.) making a list of unhappy things lol ✌️ – because I have to think of these unhappy things after I was all happy with my happy list lol

2.) Being hit on – I am really uncomfortable … guys don’t know me like that, do not attempt. I am a person. Talk to me like a person, not a piece of meat or an object.

3.) Being sad or suffering is unhappy to me – I hate sadness and suffering. I don’t like to see anyone sad or suffering. 🥺

4.) I am unhappy doing things I don’t wanna do 😄😄 … sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t wanna do, but they ain’t gonna do themselves 🤨 so that makes me unhappy lol ✌️

5.) I am sure there are a ton of things that make me unhappy but I can only think of one really huge one that takes up 5,6 AND 7… so let’s do that, cause it also makes me happy to avoid unhappy things lol ✌️ …

So for number 5,6,&7… my ex makes me unhappy … sorry but yes. He’s awful. I just wanna be left alone so yeah. That one really makes me unhappy ✌️

What is happiness to me? Feeling joy? Feeling love? Feeling life? … dodging the bad shit like a boss ✌️… yeah I’ll go with that for now

So those be simply my things. ✌️

6 thoughts on “7 Happy and 7 Unhappy

Add yours

    1. Your welcome, was fun to write. I like your little answer things and quizzes lol – they are fun! Fun also makes me happy ✌️

      I like to focus on my happy list way more, and makes life soooo much better – I’ve gotten to find myself and also is very free’ing to just be whoever you are and appreciate the things that you love. 💗

      I have bad stuff in life too… like everyone else – but I focus on what I love way more!! I still have my days – I am human… but the happiness in my life helps me get through any bad – MOST of the time lol – it definitely keeps my head up ✌️

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