Good Morning ☀️

When I got home last night – I had to do some paperwork for the home

I also jumped on here to read and post…

I read comments – get those taken care of… then I go to post …

But see my problem is …that I “laid down”, when I went to do this.

I remember putting phone down and thinking – I will just “rest my eyes” for a minute lol 😮 … I think that I can do that, but I can not lol… but still every single time I think – no I won’t fall asleep – and then it takes me …every time!! And I still try!!!

I think I went to bed before 7 😮😮😮 … so that also means I am up early enough to write this before work lol ✌️

And I can be kinda pokey to get ready lol … although I am not wearing anything except a sundress – here let me show you why: 😮

Ok so was definitely before 8pm that I fell asleep lol… i fell asleep shortly after snapping that

It was fricken hot still!! 🥵

Alright well I need coffee and a shower 😘✌️ that way I am not like this 👉 🧟‍♀️

It will be like walking on sun ☀️ … ok so … beautiful sun dress 👗 today 🙌👏❤️ … you have to stay alive however you can lol ✌️💋

Ok so heat today 😳 it be fine ✌️

I have to go 👋 bye

From yesterday

Ok well June 15th California opened up 😮😮

Because mine is a corporate owned business who falls under Cal-OSHA (California Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

They work along side with the CDC … their recommendations for what is ok will come down on the 17th

As for the 15th… we are allowed full regular occupancy and normal services…

Guests who have been vaccinated may remove their masks 😷 even indoors 😮… we have to trust they vaccinated. 🤨

We are currently still required to wear our masks around the public. Totally fine with that!!

I’m gonna brace … because after being isolated and in a bubble and not catching any sickness – now people catch all the sicknesses 🙌 ugh

I was actually enjoying not catching any sicknesses 🙌

But it’s fine.. go ahead … live a life lol … I just don’t wanna get sick and I am not comfortable yet anyway. I go slow with my comfort level – that is why life pushes me 🙄🤨

– A person I know. Who fully vaccinated

So I dunno?? We see

I’m still gonna be cautious.


So… I feel overwhelmed little with everything on shoulders at moment. I will be fine – I am only saying. ✌️

So far all good stuff and actually all the really amazing things in my life – they kinda just fall in my lap somewhat?

I think I position myself?

And then things just happen

All the best things come into my life like that!! So I dunno

A lot going on

I wrote this last night and fell asleep… sorry … my candle 🕯 is lit at both ends currently- just for a moment.

I have to get ready for work now – and I have to handle the whole purchase thing…

I won’t say when I be back cause I fall asleep and things get busy… I want to be HERE though – I miss it!! I feel like I miss everything! 😮 is like my calming place ✌️

I should be back later but we see… I probably will and want to say I will – but I can’t say that with certainty because of so much going on 😮😮 … but I try

Sleep is a thing I have to fit in somewhere lol

Ok I have to run – I be back as soon as able. ✌️

Monday – 🤷‍♀️

I have so many things to tell you about – I hope I can remember everything 😮 …

And then I have something – we don’t know for sure yet. But it can’t be? 😮

Ok let me begin…

First of all… I’m gonna complain!! 🤨 They pick RIGHT NOW to shut down a MAJOR highway for 99 days!!! Because it’s name is 99 and they are doing repairs … they thought that was cute or something 🤨 closing 99 for 99 days 🤨… not at all cute!

They wait for, literally, everyone and their mother to be on the road – when this could have peacefully been done during covid?? Who’s the slacker? the state lol ✌️

Cause now my highway is even worse!!! Ugh 🤦‍♀️ all the other highways are clogged with 99 traffic!! So that sucks… for 99 days through fricken hot summer!!

Thursday and Friday … we really gonna fry 😮

So… day started good. Was a pretty quiet day.

My help arrived at 10… was my favorite guy… he came to work with me for a little while today – just incase things went crazy.

I had a HUGE delivery today!! Tables 🙌 that I got on clearance ❤️❤️❤️

Normally they were $250/ea… but I got 8 of them for $45/ea … I should have gotten 10 … I might order 2 more. The replaced awful tables that left no space for people lol – it was awful … now it’s beautiful ❤️

My girls haven’t seen yet ❤️ I am excited for them to see ❤️

One will see tmrw 🙌❤️ I’m so excited ❤️❤️❤️

I still have to get table clothes and center pieces. ✌️

It looks amazing ❤️ I’m so delighted 🙌

…By tables 😄🙄✌️

Anyway… so I’m working with favorite guy – he gets in trouble at work a lot …

I try to help him. But he just wants to belong soooooo badly

But you have to stop doing bad things lol … what happens is … he is not used to the level of responsibility … the one who over sees his location – is definitely perfectionist – be on point!

But yeah … and then he doesn’t know the systems or the forms and he gets overwhelmed and nervous and then he freefalls into ??? Massive anxiety

I tell him I can teach him… but then he tells me he already know lol … ok

And he’s the one who say “forgiveness over permission” 😮

That still makes me gasp!!! 😱😱😱 oh I hate that!!!

So yeah I do not like those words ✌️

He is a total dreamer!!

I am dreamer too … but on the flip side I am also a realist lol ✌️ I am aware it contradicts but whatever – is how it is… I dream … but I also know reality 🤨😄✌️💋

Anyway… I like him… I enjoy working with him

He is a little chatty (I am worker bee 🐝) lol … but he is good guy – he just wants to belong that is all – he loves this tight knit group lol … he loves being in this business

But he is not always focused, and not too sure he thinks before he speaks lol 🤷‍♀️✌️

I enjoy working with him – but he better be asking my permission lol ✌️

And then he makes me laugh because … he tell me did you know that at one point in time – in a woman’s womb… we are ALL phenotypically female …

Yeah – go ahead – Google that – check those facts lol

So now wait… hmm 🤔 it is phenotypically female that we “all” start out as … and it is females that carry life and give life

So how are women not the rulers of the world ? Hmm 🤔

Funny and also interesting lol ✌️

We will take it from here boys lol 😄💋✌️ I’m teasing … maybe ✌️

Ok … I have something else …

I don’t know if I should share because I don’t really know for sure yet.

And I hope to god is not anything bad. It’s probably nothing . It really can’t be.

Let me wait. Let me know more before I say anything. 😳

I feel more comfortable to know more details – than to just say with possible speculation.

I will know more tmrw.

Oh and tomorrow I will have some covid details for you too.

Tmrw is June 15th

We are waiting for details from Cal-OSHA on our guidelines to follow

Something about honor system 🤨🙄 whatever – that’s dumb – what’s the point then?? No one is gonna tell the truth for this.

It’s just dumb. Pointless… there is no point then. If the truth would prohibit you from something you really wanted – but all you had to do was “say a lie was the truth”… would you?

Of course there will be some who are truthful and honest – but definitely not all.

The honor system – how ancient is that? Does that still exist? I hear it does in Japan.

That will not work here. That’s dumb. I just wanna roll my eyes every time I say that lol

Whatever – wasting my time

Oh and … I have my own huge things 😮

So sometimes my life does not like how slow I prefer to go… lol …

It will allow me to drag my feet a little bit… but if I don’t pick up the pace – it picks it up for me …and makes me go all fast 😮😮😮 it pushes me along 🤨

Ok so … innocently enough – I signed a purchase agreement and I am buying a home 😮😳

🤫 it’s currently whirlwind fast and I am sucked up in the middle …

Whoa my life moving fast right now 😮 easy!!!

So alright – those are your things for tonight 😳

More news tmrw ❤️✌️

Omg the speed of my life right now.. I keep thinking ok well it will slow down but nope – is like rocket 🚀 😮

Where are the breaks???

And then I think – it can’t stay all fast – it will eventually slow and chill – but that is not fast to come ✌️


Omg … and one year ago 😮 I don’t even recognize a year ago 😮😮😮

Ok Gnite before I freak myself out before bed 😘✌️❤️

Ps I am very behind in reading and now also responding – but I will get there – just in a momentary whirlwind of many things 😳

It is bound to slow down at some point!!! 😮😳

Careful 😳

So… CB… hmm 🤔

I’ve known him for many years… 7 years.

He’s very sweet, thoughtful and kind to me. He has always been that way with me.

He has always had a level of caution with me though – I just notice because of how careful he is with me. I am same way with him.

I think we are both careful because neither one wants to get hurt like what had been done to each of us … so we just cautious with each other

And he’s respectful and caring too… he was in my life before my dad passed – before everything 😮 before my cancer – everything…

He would give me small escapes from those heavy things ❤️ … take me to baseball games … or teach me something I didn’t know, or help me get over something that I feared ❤️ he’s pretty amazing because of that.

He is or was… careful with me on a few sides though …

First because I am a woman … he has a past where 2 women really devastated him so … he is/was careful with me . Totally get that!!!

That is the same way I am, because of Satan so … I understand that

So whatever… I just enjoy time when I get to see him… we are both cautious … he’s very caring and really sweet – he never lets me pay for anything food, gas whatever … he is macho man with that lol ❤️

And I constantly tell him what I want so he is aware… and I want to do that, because I need him to leave me alone if he can’t handle it. But he never does. He actually seems to be coming in closer 😮 ???

And one time – the first time I laid it out for him – exactly what I wanted … it did not match his

Ok well …no matter how much I like you, if that doesn’t match… I’m out ✌️ because what’s the point if you have different things you want ?

So I went to walk away and he didn’t let that happen 😮 he totally did not let that happen 😮😮

And then he went kinda slow and cautious …but amp’ed up his communication with me 😮

I had never went to walk away before – I just don’t want to have meaningless crap – and if we can’t match then there is no point.

I just was kinda silent and going about my own things … then he started texting me in the mornings…

Randomly saying sweet things during the day 😮

… and I just noticed him kinda being more umm?? Putting in “EFFORT” (notice I put that in bold lol ) …like he didn’t wanna lose me 😮

He told me he wanted to try to see me this weekend lol … when he say that now – I just think “yeah ok, whatever” lol

Because 🤷‍♀️… yeah … ok … whatever

I knew wouldn’t happen.

But I also know what he’s doing, so I’m not bothered by that … only that he keeps saying “I wanna see you” lol …stop saying that!!! Show me your actions then lol …

Let me clue you in…

I can say words all day, but unless I do what I say I will… they are “just words” so 🤷‍♀️ yeah ok whatever

I’m fine if you just don’t say it… if you continue to say it and not do it – then I don’t even listen to those words anymore 😮😮😮

To avoid that, one must actually “back it up” ✌️😘 … or don’t say lol

I just want sincere!

Anyway… he told me he would try today lol … I already knew he wouldn’t. I don’t say anything – but in my mind I just think “yeah ok whatever”… because I don’t see him. He says it – but he doesn’t have to. Wait until you can, before you say!!

The words are empty. I know he’s busy… I am fine with that – and I believe him – I know what his life is.

I still hold caution – slight caution.

I usually just say – “ok sounds good” lol

It’s not a huge deal… and whatever … but empty words bother me. Because for a lot of years I took empty words so… it’s just a thing. Careful there.

You may think that’s hard – but let me say this.. I put effort into people close in my life … so I will not give you empty words and I don’t really want to accept them – so that is why it bothers me for him to say and then not do. Don’t say, if you can not do. Sometimes that happens … I understand that… but don’t always say it and never do it – just wait!! Lol

I know he means well with his empty words lol ✌️❤️😘 …

I don’t think he looks at the words like I do? Lol

This is why I am careful with him… we are similar with things and understand each other’s things … BUT …

Hmm?? I do not know if we see or think same? I don’t know?

And then all of the sudden, he’s actually making effort with the communication 😮 … he’s “trying” 😮❤️

He is about hour away… but moving to further place – maybe 2 hours away? That won’t be for awhile though

But that’s also a thing.

I do believe him to be sincere with me… and probably even here with what he says…

I think he wants to… so he just says that… not really “thinking” lol …

It doesn’t really matter one way or the other but if keep saying and then don’t do … I stop listening 😮😮😮😱 is like boy who cried wolf ?? To my ears ? I hear that … but never happens so whatever ✌️😄

Loss of credibility with words ✌️😘 careful

Lol … he is free to do his thing – I know he is busy – he does not have to try to promise me anything – so… am just fine not seeing – of course I would love to see him, but I just know how busy I am… I know he busy too

I am just saying he doesn’t have to say that, for me to know he wants that. I know lol … he tells me a lot lol – I find a little humorous more and more lol

I just let him say it 😄😄… “I want to see you”

Ohhh that would be awesome

But I just know full well that it is not happening lol … and it’s funny because I know he is busy – I know what he does

When it’s meant to be… and it just all lines up ❤️ it be fine … he doesn’t have to say … I like his effort with the communication – that is effort also … I appreciate that ❤️ I like that a lot.

Anyway… one of these days he will show up and I’m going to be like 😱😱😱 lol

I am not totally huge on being caught off guard lol ✌️😘 he is the type that I could totally see surprising me or something lol – which for him is fine. He is not all flashy… he is understatedly awesome and unique – peacefully and quietly ❤️✌️ he has a peaceful aura too … his demeanor with me is so peaceful – I like that 😊

I don’t mind time – but I also work at a funeral home, AS WELL AS, survived covid lol ✌️ (so far) – so I don’t mind time… but I am also aware of it. ✌️

I just want things that are actually meant to be, so we see

I want to be very careful

Because I need to watch that with him for sure if he gonna turn it up 😮 careful 😮 … careful what you aim at lol 😘✌️

With distance and stuff – I never have to worry or really think about anything 😮

Is very easy 🙌 and also peaceful ❤️ lol …

I like him and could totally fall for him … I do feel a fire with him ❤️‍🔥 and oddly I do trust him 😮😮😮 …I know!! I must have gone insane 😮 lol… I’m kidding – he’s a good guy – you better believe I only let someone who is “good of heart”, near me this close 😮 so I do think that about him.

What if I did fall for him and then he is far – I can’t leave my area …So I really like him – but again … I’m all about what is meant to be so 🤷‍♀️

So I just be very cautious and careful

We see 😳😮

Just stop saying you gonna come see me, when you don’t lol … wait until it’s really actually possible …and THEN say that lol

Otherwise takes the meaning away – understand?? Then I don’t believe the words ✌️ careful with that

Suddenly, it feels like he more at ease with me than ever 😮

… careful with that too lol … I should have a caution ⚠️ sign lol … he will enter the danger zone… so he better know exactly what he wants if he gonna attempt! 😮

Yeah be careful 😳😮😮



If you get a message from: or

This is the message you will get :

Read attached carefully for your Benefit-2021
Confidentiality Notice: The information contained in this electronic message is intended for the exclusive use of the individual or entity named above and may contain privileged or confidential information. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or the employee or agent responsible to deliver it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that dissemination, distribution or copying of this information is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone and destroy the copies you received.
My name is Marc Meilleur and my wife name is Dorothy-Ann from Noelville, Canada we both won the sum of $70-million Lotto Max draw. I am 60 years old and we where in disbelief because it was unbelievable as the Tears of joy ran through my eyes! because life haven’t been easy for us. I am a Christian and I believe that Good things happens to those people who wait and never get discourage.

We have vowed to help charities and institutions which we have decided to spend 50% of the total sum for charities and due to this covid-19: we have also decided to extend the charitable gift to the United States and through our financial adviser, details of the beneficiary was picked randomly and you happened to be one of the beneficiary.

You have been gifted the sum of $1,500,000.00 Canadian Dollars equivalent to $1,200,000.00 USD which you are to also use part of the money for charity work in your Country in United States and we have insured the funds with a very high level of insurance policy to make sure that the funds get to you as the rightful beneficiary so you will have to provide details below.

You are to reply from your personal Email address to Email:

You are to provide details below.

Name: Address And Country: Age: Gender: Marital Status: Occupation: Phone No:

I call bullshit!

Nothing but a scam – do NOT fall for it!! Anything like this is a scam… be smart!!

So disgusting – to scam people

Make sure you are aware

My oldest got this message earlier this week… he was telling me about it last night when the exact same message came through on MY phone!

So got their IP address and turned that over to police. ✌️ I will turn you in every time!!!

Enjoy prison 😘✌️

🎓 2021 🎓

8th grade graduating class of 2021 🎓❤️

My little woman grew up 😮😮 now I have 4 years before she completely grows up 😮😮… and now it begins 😮

You should have seen her today …

She was sooooo beautiful ❤️

She had me do her hair in an up do… and she had whisps on the sides – her hair is curly so they made little ringlets around her face ❤️ we had Pearl bobby pins and I secured her hair …

Then she asked me if she could wear make up ❤️ so yeah … I help her and she looked just stunning … she had on a beautiful dress and gloves – the fancy ones up the arms

That was my little baby ❤️

Dec 2006

I blinked and she grew up 😮❤️ whoa – she completely looked like a woman 😮 and with platform shoes too! She wobbled a little 😄✌️ it was cute ❤️ … but to see her looking so womanly blew my mind 😮❤️ wow!!!

It’s bittersweet to see her grow up – I wanna keep them all forever and wish they grew up a little slower – but at the same time I’m excited for their lives ❤️

Obviously I know that they grow up – but I am the mom… so all the moments flashed before me today, to see her so beautiful and stunning ❤️❤️

So… my final baby enters high school in fall 😮😮

I was scared I was going to see the asshole and it would make me feel too much panic? But I did not see him at all so that was a relief. I believe he was there at some point – I just never saw him. Thank god ❤️

So this week has been nuts – wonderful but also crazy!!! 🎓❤️

She said to me today… cause I was teary eyed and she said “mum what you going to do when we all grow up and I’m an adult too?”

Well of course I’m going to be excited for them all… so what I said was “well then I guess I will be the mother of 2 men and 1 woman” 😮

I made my own self gasp and she laughed ❤️✌️

It will be bittersweet… I happy for them… but it be weird. 😮

I will definitely cry lol ✌️❤️ but is good cry – I cry with sentimental things ❤️ ✌️

She’s a good smart girl, has amazing friends ❤️, makes good decisions…

I just have to guide her through the pits of high school lol …

Because here will have all the emotions and the growth… probably first heart break – I told her I’m gonna be really scary to the guy so make sure he can handle it lol – that will be my daughter so you better believe I be protective – careful on approach!! Pick well my chicky!!!

She will discover herself and aim for who she wants to be and what she wants for her life

These next 4 years are going to be very full of life 😮 oh yeah I will cry in 2025!!! That is pretty much a given.

Whew!! What a week!!

I have been off the past 2 days because we had all this graduation stuff going on…

Now she is officially a Freshman 😮😮😮 – that just kills me little bit because she is my last baby – I just wanna hold on to her – I am not ready lol

But as we all have learned – life doesn’t care if you are ready or not… it’s just gonna come at you 😮

Anyway… that took up most of my week this week. Tmrw I have to work.

I got little burnt today from sitting out there with that sun beaming down like that…

Luckily it was perfect weather and not scorching hot ❤️❤️ PERFECT graduation weather!!! You could not have ordered a better day ❤️ it was beautiful ❤️

So good week this week ❤️

Happy Graduation to ALL the graduates 🎓 everywhere in 2021!! Good luck in all you do – and congratulations for making it through Covid 😮🎓❤️ you did it ❤️🎓 – keep doing it!! ❤️

Monday moans ✌️

Whew! Exhausted!! Omg

Got home at 8pm 😮😮 … that’s because I stayed late … I have to take Wednesday and Thursday off so … I have tons to do… I do not want it to swallow me on Friday 😮😮

So check this out … last week was scorching 🥵 hot!! Like oven heat 😝 too hot!

But this week is completely different 😮😮 …

Someone is fricken answering my prayers 😮😄✌️❤️❤️❤️

But last week “we cooked”… and this week – we got put in the fridge lol ✌️is on the chilly side but whatever – I will take it!!

You know what happened right?? That heat was so much – that I bought a nice pair of sandals 👡 for work ❤️ … and some cute summery work clothes …

Because the very next day, it gets cold or chillier … I shouldn’t say cold ✌️ but makes me cold with goosebumps – and the wind is whipping

What kind of weather is this ??? In California in June??? I am confused lol – whatever – totally love it, so keep doing that – although we supposed to heat up again ugh … yo-yo this year!!

Ugh … remember favorite guy?? Ok well… he sorta apologized for things but then turned it around and said he has a belief in forgiveness over permission 😮😮😮

That is AWFUL!!! 😮😮😮

Forgiveness over permission 😮😮😮 I am shocked he even say such a thing!!!

That makes me view a different light and keep guarded – because now I know he does without asking permission – thinking he will get forgiveness after 😮😮😮 uuggghh no!!

There are so many circumstances where that is extremely BAD!!!!

There is a time to take initiative and there is a time to know your fricken place ✌️ be respectful.

And that’s the thing – he want respect… but you have to give that to get that…

And that’s just soooo appalling to me… forgiveness over permission – oh boy nope

I like him but he will not be close in my life after that statement – now I am careful and on guard –

Dude 🤨 like hell I’ll give forgiveness if you just disrespect and do whatever you want – that is not how things work. 😮

That is the stuff I do not want in my life at all!!! I can’t believe he said that – but whatever – ugh 😑 somewhat handled

He is on thin ice?? I don’t know what his deal is?? Careful – don’t break that ice 🧊


Well anyway there is that.

I’m just shocked with that perspective 😮😮 I can’t even digest it!! Do you make it through life like that? 😮😮

What is going on with people 😮🤨

Whatever … moving on…

Sooo … you know my gas station dilemma… so I just keep my eye open for new peaceful one… the guy was very sweet … I am just very careful.

Anyway… I thought maybe I found one?? Sorta??

I have zero idea what that song says … but it talks about gasoline I think lol … and the video is hot so whatever ✌️ I like the song ❤️

Last week I went there and it is all women ❤️ … ahhh 🙌 no issues there ❤️ women that’s your key!

I really don’t know why women don’t rule the world but whatever – tomato tomáto

✌️ women would be better at it – you should try us lol ✌️😘

Anyway… so I was excited with that!! Yay!!! Peace ❤️❤️❤️

… I got gas and went in to get a coffee…

I wasn’t sure if they have coffee or not – but they did so bonus!

While I was getting coffee this charming young man being funny and talking to me – if you are funny I don’t mind… he wasn’t trying to ask me out – he was just charming and funny.

So whatever – I didn’t think anything else of it … until today…

I stopped at that gas station again… and after getting my coffee I was walking out and who comes walking in ?? Same exact guy from last week and he smiled and said “hey beautiful, I remember you”

He caught me off guard but I recognized him… I just smiled through the mask and kept leaving … I don’t know if it’s that word “beautiful” that immediately puts me on guard? Or what?? I know supposed to be flattering but puts me on guard … I do not go up to men and be like “hey handsome” lol

Ok so… I am not sure if I want this gas station or not? I like that it has all women because then I am free from worry… but then just little cautious with these things – that’s both last week and this week that I run into that man… so…

I do have urge to flee lol … just so there is no issues. I like peace.

I will try it few more times before deciding.

Ugh it’s so hard to find good gasoline lol 😄✌️ why does that always have to be a thing???

Anyway … I am little silent in real life… just kinda taking things in… digesting many things… I am not quiet with my girls at work, but personally I just stay quiet.

The blog helps me not go silent into myself 😊✌️ cause I do have urges to just be silent and I find it easier if I come here… I can still be silent … but also be careful with it? I know it’s dangerous slippery slope so I use the blog to help me with that. ❤️✌️ it helps ❤️

One more day of work before graduation activities 😮

Oh yeah I for you to tell you…

Only 2 family members are allowed at graduation 😮 I have to be around him – that makes me feel REALLY sick!! Probably why the silence – because it is severe

So… that will be Thursday. 😳 I hope I can handle but I don’t know – he panics me really bad – I don’t know – we see

I am little scared because I do not want to see at all!! But whatever life goes on.

And also one of my girls goes to Las Vegas every so often because she has family there… she went during covid and they were strictly enforcing masks last year.

She said “NOW” there are no masks 😮😮😮

My area is still masked… in all stores there are masks – masks are still an everyday thing!!

Just will depend on where in the United States you are …or perhaps where in the world you are??

What makes one place ok without a mask – and another one not ??

In MY area … we going slow… because we little nervous still – after what we just had. So we still do the masks 😷

Ok off to try to read some 😘❤️✌️

Gnite ❤️💋

Beliefs lol

Ok so let me see where to start because so much goes on – I need a notepad to just continuously write notes, so I remember everything!!

Ok let me rewind to Friday so I can retrace everything …

Work was good… we had a huge traditional service – went extremely well. ❤️

Remember my favorite guy?? Ok well – I really really really enjoy who he is as a person … but??? Work wise he just can not stop doing things … I have his back, but I can only do that so long with little stuff

He is about my age – few years younger …so I always tease to respect elder lol 😄✌️

But first the issue he had at own funeral home … now he is with all of us – my group…

He can’t control his tongue … he does not think of what he says before he says it … and I understand we all wanna be free – but there is a time where you have to think “is this a good thing to say right now?”

He only makes things more difficult for himself!!! Omg everyone gets mad at him and then I tell him how to fix and how to handle… he tells me “I know I know” and then it’s in one ear and out the other 🤨🙄

I absolutely respect his thoughts and opinions… and even if I do not agree – appreciate to know.

But sometimes he doesn’t leave things alone – some people do not like that.

I am fine being teased mostly and if I am being teased by him – I know him well enough that I can tease him back… so he teases me only gentle 😄😄

But others don’t know him or don’t like that.

There was a big deal about some restaurant 🙄 and he made one of my staff upset – so I handled that sorta (I am still in process because I am being sensitive to the person he upset, but also situating that with him)

He has a good heart… he really does… and he’s just so excited to be apart of our “family-like” team…

I talked with him recently on a more personal level… and he definitely needs self confidence which this job gives him … and we could make him flourish completely!!

But he has to learn tact and maybe mature little bit … but he has a charm to him? He just doesn’t think and could learn better respect

Which is funny because he wants respect soooo badly… we are willing to give that TO him!! We respect who he is … but he sometimes lacks the respect of others.

So yesterday I get a text from my girl and she say “weird question, but did you eat some of my ice cream?” (The one from the other day was too big to finish so we had saved them)

🤦‍♀️ ugh … it was not me. but anyone else there only one person just does things without thinking or asking

But now the issue I have with that is – that ice cream could have been for a service or from a service. You can not just be going in and helping yourself.

Simply ask and you shall know.

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ he is a work in progress … I really want the best for him – he gives a great persona… just only sometimes has that immaturity

But again – if he listens … that’s the key 🔑… IF he LISTENS… he will do amazing… he does have a supportive team behind him

Be kind, be respectful, fine to say opinion – but do not beat anyone up with it, also ask about things first, don’t just go doing whatever you want, when is not yours.

So whatever… he does really good and then he has his moments and if he want to go higher in the company – he has to understand maturity and also responsibility – sometimes he’s on point … and sometimes he just messes up. 🤦‍♀️

So anyway whatever

Then kids came over and they telling me this information … something about aliens 👽??

So ok whatever ?? I don’t really understand ?? They telling me the government quietly admitted to aliens or something??

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ and then they showing me something else of a person all upset because of this and the public doesn’t care lol

Yeah … I don’t care … sorry aliens from outer space 🪐 are just not currently on my major thing list. I just don’t care currently what the government thinks about it, admits about it or whatever – so what???

I also do not trust crap, or care what the government says about things like this.

But they found it crazy lol

They couldn’t understand why there is not more of public outcry … it’s because who cares lol 🤷‍♀️ and plus how much do you even believe the government with things? And who is wasting time with this?? Unless there is a threat or I can learn something new – then you let me know.

They funny though, evidently it’s a thing?

It’s always funny when the world is like “ the end of the world is coming!!” 😄😄 … do you know how many times in my lifetime they said that 😄😄

Y2K, December 21, 2012 (Mayan Apocalypse) lol, when Haley’s Comet came by, anytime we have too many fires, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes lol … Nostradamus (but he is intriguing lol – but still)

Whatever. The kids are always like “😱😱😱” … and I’m like “eh they do that”

Sure maybe one day… but I don’t follow these things like that anymore. Too many cried wolf ✌️

So whatever just funny convos from Friday lol

Then we played Pokemon snap or I played because these people were like “here play, but we already beat the game”

What?? Lol so then while I play they tell me “get this secret”

But they don’t tell me until I’m right on it so I don’t catch it … is like when you driving with someone and they are giving you directions … when you come to a turn you are supposed to take they do not tell you til last possible minute lol “oh turn here” 🤨🤨🤨

So I made them help me out lol ✌️ it’s no fun when they have already beaten the entire game but technically they haven’t because they did not complete everything across the board … but they opened all worlds, found all pokemon and got the credits … but they have not taken all the photos, but they don’t care about that lol 🤷‍♀️ 😄

We had fun though ❤️ always 🙌❤️

Saturday… well let me think… so 2 weekends ago… when we tried to go to Dunkin- the line was just insane and I said “nope don’t care how much we love them – nope”

So yesterday I decided to try again because I got up so early … she was still asleep so I snuck out to go grab Dunkin’ at 6am lol (that’s some serious love right there lol) ❤️✌️

And it was perfect!! I was 2nd in line and was quick and I was happy … as I was leaving that drive thru was backing up already !!!

Why are these California people clogging up MY dunkin??? They have Starbucks!!!

And if you going to clog up my Dunkin… THEN OPEN MORE DUNKIN’s!!! Omg!!!

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ so… in order to get Dunkin’ you must go at 6 fricken AM!!

What happened to their Starbucks – they have that!! 😝😝😝

Then you discover how awesome Dunkin is and then they all clog Dunkin 🤨

These California people have BoTH Starbucks and Dutch Bros … they have to take everything!! Stop clogging my coffee place!! Keep it in business …but stop clogging it!!

We need more of them!!!!!!! So there is my gripe for the weekend lol – because it deals with my coffee lol ✌️

Then when I got home my landlord was out so I stop and say hello… she ask me about condo… would be something I could afford and in 4 years I could sell .. and also takes me out from having fear?

Little by little I make so he can’t make me fear? I have been saving and things – “preparing”

So we see. 🙏 she gonna help me with it ❤️ see why I love her ❤️ … she just fell into my lap one day when I really needed “her” ❤️ and ever since she has become like family ❤️

I always add a lot of hearts if I love something ❤️❤️❤️

So that’s really exciting ❤️

I will cry… not badly but just because of what walked through and where I have climbed to? There is many emotions on that – so it will make me cry. And every step I take – gets me away from him more and more ❤️❤️

He still does everything he can to I don’t even know? He’s just an asshole with vengeance – he is a sadist? So whatever – I work my ass off and I get the fuck away.

So this thing she help me with – get me away more and more ❤️

Then he won’t be able to do anything anymore ❤️ I’ll be safe ❤️✌️

So that is why I will cry (shhh) just all the emotions to come up ✌️

Alright so that is happy though… and then… later on in the day…

My landlord called … was the first time that I could do something for her that she needed ❤️❤️❤️❤️…

Is because of my job ❤️… for a preneed … so I set her up with my preneed girl.

I don’t know if they can give any discounts or anything? But I mentioned how much she means to me.

It just was nice because she’s always been amazing to ME… and I was able to help her with something ❤️

It kinda reminds me of the story about the Lion and the Mouse… do you know it?

I will roughly tell the story really quick…

One day the lion gonna eat the mouse … mouse said no no, one day I help you… lion humored the mouse because it made him laugh… what could a mouse possibly do for a lion? Until one day the lion got a thorn in his foot – he cried and cried … the mouse came along and pulled it out for him – and they were friends for life 🙌❤️😄

That’s my quickie version ✌️

But you connect and network and then you able to help others – you can pull resources and things ❤️ I was finally able to help HeR this time ❤️

I also love that aspect about my job… if I need help with something or I am looking for something… I can call ANY location ANY where and they just help ❤️ I love that is team oriented in that way! I have reach (little bit) 😊

So was really amazing day… had Dunkin ❤️ – possible condo ❤️ and helped someone I love very much ❤️ (who has done so much for me ❤️) so yes very good weekend

Batter Up Sunday – your turn lol 😘✌️❤️

Oh btw… this week is going to be insane because this is graduation week and my daughter is graduating from the 8th grade

It’s a big thing – we have practices and things – so I am going to be juggling hard this week – sorry – then is summer and it be calm hopefully 🙏 😳

Ok have to run 😘❤️✌️


Wait till you hear all the new things 😮😮😮 🙌 ❤️❤️❤️

Really amazing weekend ❤️

So far – knock on wood

Squeal ❤️❤️❤️

I will have to be back though – doing things ✌️❤️ …. with a gigantic smile ❤️❤️❤️🙌 🙏🙏🙏

It’s my night

I am on call this evening. That’s right – it’s Thursday 😏 🙏🙏🙏

I am little quiet maybe? I will see?? Umm

We had a crazy day and there was crying, and awww so…

At one point I thought … ok well what would make this day better? Just nothing but better

And I had an idea 💡 lol ❤️

So I tell her I have to leave for a moment – is that ok? She said was fine … I left …

And came back with a lot of ice cream from Baskin Robbins because ya know what … take some pleasure sometimes ❤️

Ice cream always makes you feel better ❤️

Her favorite is rainbow sherbet lol … 🍨… I got electric sherbet 😮 it was not electric but maybe some tart lol

When I give to her she cry ❤️ was hard day. Heavy things

And THIS is why for the ice cream 🍦

I know what comforts ❤️ even just for a moment – plus it’s the thought too. I knew the day was hard and thought we needed that…

For maybe 10 minutes we were 5 years old laughing and enjoying our ice cream

Recharge 💋✌️❤️

And let’s see … oh hahaha ok well ugh 🤦‍♀️… I am stuck inside a few different group text things for work 🤨😄😄

You know my favorite guy? Ok well … he does not know when to bite tongue and then that stuff goes out over the WORK group text and everyone gets them

He is sarcastically funny and he also can have a warped sense of humor lol … he has a good heart and means well

Oh but he just is soo happy to be apart of our family so he just thinks is funny

It is funny …

But those group texts are for work only – not jokes – serious work… you do what you want on your own private messages …

On the work groups, is inappropriate. I tell him this… I told him if you feel like saying things just text me… don’t do that on the group … he keeps getting in trouble.

Omg and then my boss said in the group “ok this is a moment where one should think, is this something that should be a private conversation somewhere else?”

🤦‍♀️ he’s just very eager and excited about the job lol

He wants to fit in. He just needs to relax – shhhh… relax 🙌 he is extremely high energy!!!

Also …You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run

But yes … tact … that’s a thing

He does not really have filter 😮

I don’t really think he means any harm … he is sweet and innocent demeanor but not so innocent lol

But he means well – he has a good heart but needs little maturity and belief in one self

He will maybe get there lol?? 🤷‍♀️

He also needs to think before speaking or texting lol ✌️

Today there was a stream of just him texting funny little things and memes 😮

Yes they funny and he trying to lighten … but don’t – that is work group and we very serious with that. when that text goes off you mostly DO NOT expect funny and then is just him being funny … do not do that

We take serious and some people not even working 😮

Lol – whatever … I don’t know what to say lol … I tell him honestly… umm you might not want to be doing jokes in the WORK group… that is work only… NOT jokes

If you need a friend or feel like texting – text me … “privately”

Just don’t do that in work group

Well anyway that was my day day …exhausted

Oh thank goodness tomorrow is Friday ❤️🙌

We made it through the week ❤️😘

I will be back soon sometime 😕 I literally can not keep my eyes open 😴 I have to sleep!

Gnite 😘❤️

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