Don’t break my stride lol ✌️😘

Hola 👋…

I meant to stop and get amazing strawberries today 🍓 – they are out selling them on side of road – those are sooooo much better than the grocery store ❤️ so much sweeter 🍓❤️❤️❤️ yes please

But I forgot lol maybe on way home tmrw after work?

I got ALL errands done – car is gassed, clothes picked out, meals ready, coffee ready… ok I am ready for Monday 😮😳😳😳 sorta 😮😮😮

I know deaths came in over weekend already … my boss offered to step in to help us because they coming in again like crazy 😳😮

One of my funeral people texted me to say :

May I suggest a white board like the one found in the ‘war room’ at Google headquarters?

Lol 🙄😄😄 it’s because I am running out of boards to do that!! I am on second board now 😮 I seriously need that war room set up to handle all of it 😮😮😮

And then shoppers are calling and then they saving them for me on Monday lol … omg

Yeah Monday gonna come at me 😮 be gentle!! 🙏🙏🙏

And then … I have something else… I am definitely moving.

So… neighbor guy – remember that one night he ask if I want a burger and I said ok and we had a burger? And he told me those things that made me uncomfortable? Ok

And then since that, I have been just politely avoiding.

He had asked me to dinner one night and I said no… so he literally put a sprinkler on all night which flooded my front porch area – that I have to leave out of.

He texts later that day and say “oops sorry about that” 🤨 fricken whatever

I continue to politely just severely avoid!!

I don’t like him and I do not get a good feeling with him at all!! I am short and quick – if he says something I give short answer and run inside – because no!!

He tries to be all sweet and like he is good person, but he is not.

Then I paid rent today and I’m chit chatting with my landlord and she was telling me he mentioned having burger with me and made it sound like we pals 🤨🤨🤨 we are NOT pals!! I did not expect the burger and thought was just nice neighbor thing not tons of fuckin drama shit.

And then today… I go out to see about putting on my suit and washing the car … but the minute I stepped out of house there he is and saying hi, what is wrong, what are you doing today? …Ok see creepy!!! Please give me space… do not always be up in my grill!!

Personal space – leave me alone!!

So I went back inside and got my keys 🔑 to just take to car wash 🤨… and he was gone so whew ok cool … but I got to the car and he was right behind me … ok I am creeped out severely

When I came back that sprinkler just going right by my front …

Ok Asshole you wanna play, we play..

So I text my landlord and said hey… ya know all the water flooding my front porch is becoming a problem and ruining all my shoes and is annoying with puddles everywhere – I have to look nice for work – not like I just went wading

I said I don’t what to tell you on how to fix but just FYI

So she said she would talk to him – ok good.

So she did.

And then the landlords sister came over and I went to say hello … and then there he is again – I’m trying to have private convo and there he is 🤨


He creeps me out BIG TIME!!! I do not trust him whatsoever!!! I do not find peace with him around – all of the sudden all my peace is gone 🤨

And then while I am there talking to the landlords sister … he has the hose with the water and pointing right at my house … the landlord came out and stood and watched and when he noticed her he stopped

So… I am not comfortable here now. I am moving. I am done – I don’t deal with this shit.

I don’t play games with MF’ers … You wanna be an ass then you do that.

His wife is back. No wonder she has issues!! I am soooooo happy she is back!!

Although obviously does no good? I don’t know

He’s an asshole though, I am not going to deal with some dumb man child

What the hell is wrong with some men?? What is their problem??? This guy is an immature joke

Fricken dumb ass brute who thinks he is some fricken catch? You fuckin have a wife – leave me the F alone!

Cause if you wanna start shit – I am sure his wife would like to know how he was when she was away!!

So stay away! I’m not playing

He invades my peace completely!! I do not like him at all. I like her … but I do not like him!!!

I bother no one and do not want to be bothered myself.

Dude needs to step it back!! Cause we will have issues if he doesn’t – now I’m tired of the shit…

So it’s no longer peace here – now it is time to leave – fly away.

So I just want peace away from assholes – can that be possible??

I knew he creeped me out from first time I met him, but I think sometimes is me? because I am silent and I am very hard on men if they try to come near me or know me.

Married men are ok usually… but some are obviously assholes. I give a chance to be a decent human being. But some men just can’t not do that??

My gay men are the bomb cause I can relax, be myself and we just laugh ❤️❤️❤️ I never have to worry they be interested or would be issue… easy and relaxed 🙌❤️ peaceful!

But yeah I am very hard and very careful with all men – except if you are gay, then I am fine with you almost instantly. I don’t have to be guarded if the man is gay ❤️ I can just relax and enjoy the person!! No pressure ❤️

But otherwise I have to be guarded always … always always always!!!!

But sometimes I wonder if I am too hard and too silent… but then I realize nope – because that is how it is.

I don’t bother you – don’t bother me…

I like my silence – I want my peace – and I like avoiding things that make me uncomfortable!!

Do you know there is not one good song about leaving me alone… if it’s a stalker song it’s way too creepy… and if it’s telling someone to leave you alone, is usually some relationship break up thing…

But there is not a song just simply to “leave me alone” like that.

🤨 I had to listen to some pretty crappy songs, just to learn, none of them fit right.

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ yeah I give up – there is no song for that!! 🤷‍♀️

Just because a woman is by herself does not mean she is lonely either btw… I like my peace and my silence for these exact reasons!!

Of course I would love to find what meant to be but… also not searching – I am taking my time just healing from things

Ok so there is that… which is really annoying and creepy … I am on HIGH alert 🚨 – no peace at home

So I have been looking around and calling on few places.

I emailed for more info on one place and a man emails me back… ok … men do exist so that is fine lol 😄✌️ … but I am just careful

So I asking him questions about the house and he telling me all about the house and the neighborhood, neighbors etc …

And then he asking about my info – credit history, rent history – job history etc…

It went very nicely 😊… actually really nicely 😮 so maybe?

Is still way out in the country … BUT… ON A LAKE!! 🙌❤️ lol … but we see, do not get too excited!!

As we were talking – I mentioned Massachusetts and we started talking about that… his mother went to school in one of my families areas 😮😮

And then it was insane because he was talking to me about towns and streets I know!! It was like talking to someone from home??? 😮❤️ so that caught me by surprise for a moment – that was cool!!

He seems very nice.

I will meet him to see the house maybe next weekend or next week.

My schedule this week will be insane – I told him what I do… and what he does he is away a lot. He does something with robotics 😮😮

But anyway – we will see how that plays out – please be normal 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Ok so if Monday doesn’t kill me we should be ok?? Although Wednesday might also kill me – but we will talk about that on Wednesday lol ✌️😘

Ok I have to get to bed so I can jump in on Monday!! 😮 please let Monday be ok 🙏🙏🙏

Ok good night 😘😴💤🌙 k

Golden Bloggerz Award

Hello everyone,

I have been nominated for Golden Bloggerz Award by my dear blogger friend Priya’s Learning Center

She offers fun educational quizzes and things – she covers such a wide range of topics it’s exciting to see which quiz she will do next lol … Is always informative and fun. I don’t always like the math ones lol … but I love her educational direction ❤️ … and maybe I could learn to love math?

I am learning many new things because of her quizzes ❤️✌️

Thank you Priya ❤️

What is the Golden Bloggerz Award?

The Golden Bloggerz Award was created by Chris Kosto to motivate and reward all the amazing bloggers who work hard every day to serve their audiences and deserve some recognition.

The Rules

  1. Place the award logo on your blog.
  2. Mention the rules.
  3. Mention the award creator and link to their blog.
  4. Thank whomever nominated you and link to their blog.
  5. Tell your audience three things about you.
  6. Answer your nominator’s questions.
  7. Nominate 10 people who deserve this award.
  8. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice.
  9. Let the nominees know of their nomination by commenting on their social media or blog.
  10. Share links to 2-3 of your best/favorite posts.

Three Things About Me:

  1. I am a mom ❤️
  2. I love history
  3. I chase peace 😘✌️

My answers to questions by Priya :

1. What’s your focus in life right now ?

Hmm 🤔… my focus is to have peace and enjoy my life every day. To survive, be strong and be happy ❤️

2. What kept you going during the lockdown ?

Um … the lockdown actually helped me stand up. And also… was death that kept me going 😮

3. What do you appreciate about your life ?

Life itself … my kids, my spirit and my drive.

4. What was your first blog post about ?

Hahaha I would have to go back and look – oh god – probably that I was sad and silent. I had just had surgery, beaten cancer and went silent. So probably that. ??

5. Do you think the current education system fully prepares children for the needs of 21st century ?

Nope 👎 not in the slightest. Teaches kids no real world skills they will need, the educational classes need updating … it is different now – education is slow to progress!

But then also – I am in the United States – so obviously we have many things over here that are still in the dark ages 🤨 we have many things slow to progress 🤨

I could name off many things not just education 🤨 … it is education you have to start with though – otherwise you won’t ever fix any problems ✌️


Well I never do know who to nominate? Or who will do? I like these because you learn a little about who people are ❤️

I love many blogs and want to know many 🙌 you are all amazing! ❤️

But I am a quiet person so I understand that part too, and then I am also busy. So time can be issue also. But if I can do them, I do … and would love to hear others answers too

So if you read my blog I would really love to know your answers ❤️

Questions for my Nominees:

1.) What one thing that has made impact to you during Covid? What has struck you the most?

2.) If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself from 10 years ago?

3.) If you could live in anywhere in the world during any time period and be anyone you wanted – what and who would you chose?

4.) What is something you wish to get better at?

5.) Tell me one funny story from your life ❤️✌️ … about whatever you want

3 Favorite Posts:

Hmm 3 of my favorite posts? I have not gone back to reread any. My favorite posts to write are about my family and memories and music ❤️ … but funny daily stories also happen sometimes and I work with amazing people who always make me smile ❤️

I don’t know what ones are my favorites … I’m not ready to look back yet lol… when I get to top of the mountain I want – then I will look back to remember what I walked through ❤️🙌✌️😘

I don’t think I do these awards totally right? I mostly follow directions lol



So let’s see… what happened Friday ??

So … work is still nuts?? The cases are still coming in daily – we have full board and I have to start another 😮

What’s weird though is that the other funeral homes have nothing – we have it all 😮

My boss laughed because last month it went silent – so they got on my case about numbers and what’s coming in…

Well I have no control over death and what comes ?? But they want my numbers up? So how I do that?

Well I know our strength is our compassion and care. So I pushed that… I have been sending thank you’s to people who help us handling things or go above and beyond to help us …

I also send cute little hellos to places – so that you know our name…

So I think between that … and … the other day someone told me that word with the locals is that we are the best for compassion – and we have 5 stars so when you search we come right up.

People keep telling us we are the best with compassion ❤️

And then on top of that… there was a funeral home (not one of mine/not in my Corp) that mishandled someone’s remains paperwork… that made the news

And then another funeral home which IS part of my corporation (but not one of my 3) … well during covid they had 2 people working … one got covid the other had to handle everything – they had over 100 direct cremations at one moment – and for 1 person to handle was insane and that caused problems

So… I think between us having a reputation of compassion and also perfection ✌️… this is death – you don’t want to mishandle death! So I think people are currently coming to us for the compassion and also to make sure death is handled the way they want

Once again let me say – you get what you pay for – and what I mean by that… if you want cheapest option in death… that is going to be cremation… and there are some places that will do VERY cheap for you

But they don’t care. So it just depends if you care that it be done right and with care. ✌️

But I think that has a hand in all the business coming in right now? Cause all the others are slow 😮 just us are busy 😮

So my boss thinks I somehow woo’d everything lol – because they said something and then all these cases came and here we are 😮

I didn’t woo anyone lol … but I do push the fact we are compassionate and also that we are ON IT!!

Business is good, not that I want death, but that is my business. Is going to happen. If someone gonna die – come to me

The only thing that makes it hard – is when you connect … you connect ALOT!!

When someone dies – we come into your life and we get all up in the business – we are with your family and for a week or 2 possibly more depending on paperwork, what family wants and permits …

But we are with you very closely while you get through that… we get to know people and their lives and those things

You get close to them and many really touch your heart ❤️

You get to see how people react and how families react… everyone is different in reactions.

Also people don’t go through this everyday like we do… we don’t mind spending time and making sure not only that we have everything the way the family wants – but also we make sure the people are ok… because some are beyond devastated …

We just hold their hand, walk them through, but also make sure they are ok. We get real close.

Also we have seen it all… so you don’t have to explain your family or apologize for them lol … we understand family and also that during a loss – family can be difficult ?

So we wade through that with people … we also have no issues explaining details if you need that.

You tell us what you want or need and that is what we do. And also care.. because even if someone dies and we handling that – we want to also make sure that family or person is ok. Is a loss and that can cause depression and those things – so we handle gentle ❤️

And then that’s where connections come in… and then some you become attached to. You have worked closely – worked well – and they’ve been amazing …

If a death happens and someone is devastated – I can make you feel at ease, and comforted.

As a matter of fact even my girls said – from now on you handle the shoppers lol … because all week either shoppers I talk to come to us or … I got cases from other funeral homes 😮 (I got 2 cases from 2 other funeral homes that switched to ME!!)

It is because I care and then … my voice is calming, I can calmly walk them through – I have amazing ability to comfort people in things…so that happens

But when you care like that – obviously you gonna get attached on some. That is where is hard.

And you remember all of them!! 😮

Anyway – that’s work… it just fits me

And then… the kids came over … we shared our weekly stories …

Then we were watching YouTube videos … when we came across one about Japan 🇯🇵

My kids and Japan 🙄 … they should have been born Asian because they love everything Asian … my oldest knows Korean (we are not Asian at all)

He says Korean is the easiest of the Asian languages to learn

He has been into all the Asian things since umm 🤔 … gosh he was really little lol … umm he had to have been about middle school … 11,12,13.

And then the younger 2 idolize their older brother so … we are all Asian now lol 😄❤️

They all wanna go live in Japan 😄😄 I always laugh… because I don’t know??? I just don’t know how another country would be?

But then last night they show me stuff 😮😮😮 …

They showed me a ton of videos of vending machines in Japan 😮🙌😮 omg 😮😮😮

Is like a vending machine wonderland 🙌 omg

So I love that ❤️ Brilliant!

I only have 2 questions or issues? … I never ever carry money – if I have money ON my person – it is rare. I keep a $20 in my purse for emergencies but I don’t count it or touch it. Emergency only.

So that would be weird to always have to have money and change ?? How come you do not use cards? Debit or credit? Because probably there is cost to use cards I guess ?? So ok answered my own question lol

But that would be different – always carrying money lol

And then if things are all automated…

What will people do for work to make money to spend on vending machines ?? What do Japan people do for work?

That’s not one we watched last night … I watched that this morning because I am curious why? Lol … I do love that feature though!!

I LOVE vending machines!! Lol I used to beg my mother for quarters in any store or restaurants that that had vending machines lol 😄❤️

And with my own kids – I freely handed out quarters if I had them lol

So now I kinda really like Japan too lol … Japan stop looking all amazing lol

Also I said to kids “huh, I wonder why is not here in United States?”

And they laughed 😳 they said here in the United States people would vandalize the machines and steal everything anyway… we have crime and the courts are crap.

Kids tell me … stealing in Japan is rare 😮 … and I think someone told me that once before also??

How do you have low crime?

Does Japan have homeless like we do??

Hmm – now I am looking at Japan lol

You know how you remember and love a song and then one day you fully understand the song ? Lol … so here … this remake one:

I do have one other thing with Japan… population? Cause I like space ??

But maybe Japan is different? And space is not needed?

The homes are tiny right?

Hmm interesting thoughts – curious.

Also… I do not know their government either.

But anyway – I might be turning Japanese ✌️🇯🇵❤️ they have the coolest things and hardly any crime?

We have a Japanese store here… omg … that store is dangerous to me – I try to stay away from it.

When I walk in their doors 😮 I am suddenly 5 years old and want everything!!! Oh that store!!! My kryptonite 😄✌️

Everything is useful or cute (why do they have the most adorable things??!! I love that!!) I want that

So yes – I can not go in that store ✌️ I have been in twice and each time is bad because I love too many things

So yup – totally turning Japanese

The only problem I see with being Japanese … is that I am going to be 5 years old with everything!! Vending machines and everything else!! It could be my kryptonite lol

But then again – it just sounds so amazing… it is luring

Huh… I like peace … that has a lot of people … but … they seem to handle well and Japan is alluring 🧐❤️ … kinda makes me want it lol ✌️

Ok I be back… I eventually have to shower … do laundry and then get groceries 🤨🙄 … I would like to do nothing tmrw

I wish it was automated better like Japan lol 😘❤️✌️

Space 🙌

I came to the country for space 🙌… and peace 😌❤️ … to be away 🙌

I like my life peaceful. I love my job and my coworkers ❤️ … I just sort of finished with Satan… I just like my peace.

I am massively careful with people and ya know just keep to self generally, on own time.

I hadn’t even finished driving home and he texting me… I am on call tonight so I can’t miss things 🤨

He want to know if I work tomorrow 🤨

I tell him yes I do.

And he says he was gonna invite me over but he is not home yet 🤨

Umm ok … I like space 🙌 why he gonna invite me over? For what? What do you want? I do not want to hang out 🤨

Please do not invade me.

I am not one for invasions – and men need to chill out!!!

I feel like he coming on way too strong… ok back up!!! Boundaries.

God … how much longer til his wife comes back???!!!! Hurry up!! I don’t think I have ever missed someone else’s wife more than right now!! Lol

I just like to keep average neighborly – I do not want to be known. I just wanna be left alone?

I like space and peace a lot.

This invades my country and my peace 😝

Ok. Well whatever

So I’m looking – I can not have my home not peaceful – that has to be peaceful. I can not be all tense at home. That will completely throw me off – especially with how busy we currently are at work.

Omg – they keep coming 😮 is good for business but crazy.

One completely has my heart.

Omg … yeah … for the past 3/4 days I have been talking to him about funeral arrangements for someone who had not passed yet. Someone he loved very much and meant the world to him.

He’s been amazing – he’s made me look everything up for him and walk him through… I sorta held his hand… metaphorically

Anyway… he’s funny, sweet… always only asks for me 😊❤️

Then I got a call. It was the death… he choose me. ❤️ I was competing against the most beautiful funeral home and cemetery around… also most expensive … but he chose me 😊❤️

He has only spoken to me on the phone and has not met me yet.

He is very devastated and sad. ☹️💔 my heart breaks for him because of who it was and how much he loved that person ❤️

The other days – his spirit was good and he was charming

But today – his heart was broken 💔 so I felt that ☹️

I feel sad for him. 💔

And then he was apologizing to me because he was sad. No no… is ok, is totally normal. I told him to take today and grieve. Let it out and be with family.

I have the person in my care now. So they are safe.

We will touch base with him tomorrow… and see how he is. Set arrangements.

It’s gonna be rough. I completely feel this particular pain and then I had a few days speaking to him before everything happened – So I feel very heartbroken for him. 💔

I know how much he loves this person ❤️ … oh so yeah my heart bleeds a little with this one.

Some can be little emotional when they hit a cord with something.

Was sad 💔 usually I can leave at work and come to the country and have peace …

… but I am hunted at home 🤨… and then my heartbreaks with this one. 💔 … it comes really close to my own life and I saw and heard the sadness … I got to know him before they lost the person

Did that make it personal? Or was it that it parallels what I will go through? 😮

So I dunno – but I keep thinking about this one.

We will help comfort him and take time with him. Awww… I feel so sorry he feels so sad. 💔 and the loss is a pretty devastating one 😮 but I guess they all are cause I always say that

Maybe it was … speaking to him when he was happy and not sad … and then after ?? The sadness – I felt so bad he so sad and then also the situation


Sometimes work is hard. When you relate and connect like that.

And so see… I like home to be peaceful ❤️

Anyway. Tomorrow I check on him. He had a really devastating day today.

You do not really realize the magnitude of these things until something happens.

Well anyway. I am gonna read for little while hopefully – but I am exhausted 💤

Alright – gnite 😘❤️✌️

My phone & my mom ❤️

I will be back… about to drive home

Today at work – my cell phone rang and was far from me… i have a desk, but am moving to a MEGA desk … it was over there 😮

So one of my girls went to grab my phone for me (is always funeral people or telemarketers about some auto or home thing 🤨)

But recently … maybe you know of this? … I think I mentioned before ??? …

My phone rings with a FaceTime call 😮… but then it’s answered right away from another device 😮 I have no other device 😮 I already deleted my old phone from this phone ??

Awhile ago my screen cracked because I am hard on things ✌️… I carry insurance on the phone and so they replaced it.

So I don’t know? Those FaceTime calls just recently started and I think it is that??

How do I fix that?

Anyway… my girls saw my home page picture …

And they said oh how cute, who are they?

I said that is me and my mum ❤️

They said “oh wow, you DO look like her” ❤️❤️❤️

Everyone says that when they see her pics and then see me

I do look most like my mother ❤️ but I have my father too

I have his eye color … my nose is also his, but most everything else is my mom lol

❤️ I love that picture

Ok I am leaving now

Be back later ✌️


Really exhausted 💤

Didn’t get home until 8pm

Work is crazy busy.

One family coming to us because of our compassion – they have a preneed somewhere else – was gonna be ship out … but they like us better ❤️ so they want to stay with us ❤️

That just happened I didn’t expect. Totally love that family!

I am just massively avoiding neighbor guy … ugh 🤦‍♀️… I just can’t

Tonight I come home late – sun was setting already … so just before darkness …

The very minute I pull in and get my stuff out of the car here he comes …

And then he comes right over and I kinda scurried off and he says hey how was your day?

Ok umm … I replied : good is very busy! I’m very exhausted

And he said oh ok good night

Yeah cause… nope I’m sorry just no. I just can’t not handle that.

He gives me a creepy vibe? I can not run into my house fast enough!

Oh the creatures that lurk!! See how dangerous?! Lol I’m teasing, but is little bit

So I am just highly uncomfortable – and ya know silent and stuff

That’s just something I’m not going to deal with. Neighborly is fine … but ya know his wife is away / please stop!

I am not dealing with that

So whatever

So anyway … and here we are – I am exhausted. Little stressed with work but ya know learning

And all my girls are back… we shocked my vaca girl with all the news lol 😮 … but she took it well 😊❤️

Alright well I have to go to sleep – I need sleep 🛌

Gnite 😘

Time for Tuesday

Today was insane!!! 😮😮

I have a completely full board and then some 😮

What is going on?

I had ALOT of death today 😮😮😮

I had someone call this morning asking me prices – said ok I let you know (I figured was kiss of death “I let you know” I didn’t think I would get them?)

But this afternoon they call me back and say “ok I am done, I choose you” lol ❤️

It was because of how I was with him. I take the time. I go slow and go over what they want or are looking for.

I am gentle so – I got that ❤️

But yeah a lot of death today… a lot. Only my funeral home is crazy busy, the other 2 have nothing… because we have everything lol ✌️

I help some really amazing people though

I wouldn’t do this job if wasn’t worth it. ❤️

I have one case currently, that really hits home.

They just lost 2 close family members (the last they had) in one month 💔 so they are very devastated… and I can feel their pain incredibly as if were mine own 😮😮😮

It’s very close to what I went through. So I can hold their hand though this if they need – I know their devastation. That’s hard to see though – it brings my own memories back. So that’s a little hard – makes my heart break 💔💔💔

In other news … I have no other news lol

All is quiet on home front… 🙌 ahhhhhhh … for now … but I am savoring the moments of peace while I have them ❤️

Tmrw after work – I might walk with my girls

I have to remember to bring sneakers and a change of clothes because I do not want to be walking around looking all funeral 🤨 and I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty in funeral clothes either

I have one that has been on vacation for a week 😮

Everything happened in one week…

I didn’t tell you yet… but I lost my part timer … my boss came to me and asked what I think of him …

I said he was amazing … is young, starting life, getting married, perfect career for him and he loves it… he is driven.

So haunted mansion gave him full time and benefits ❤️ I told him you better remember where you started 😄😘✌️

We will miss him dearly!!! How to replace?

So at first we asked someone and they can’t – then we met another and we like her… so I said give her to us – we will train her.

So they give her to us

So when my employee comes back tmrw … I have to say we lost part timer – and we have a new one – you will love her lol

She’s young and pretty, smart and also wants it – goes to school for it!! ✌️

She even wants the embalming 😮😮😝 I am good on that … that is way over my head – I will stick to business side lol

But anyway so I have to tell that to my employee lol

And then … 😮… she gonna look at the board and die 😳… when she left there was maybe 3 or 4

Now my board is full and I’m starting another board 😮😮😮

She’s gonna be like omg I leave for a little while and what you people do? Lol 😄😄 omg.

I am getting our name out there hard ❤️ I don’t even have to advertise – I do the out reach, we take care of our families – and the word of mouth in this area is exploding in our favor ❤️

You can not beat the service that we give you. I am positive of that.

So anyway … she doesn’t know she will be walking into crazy tmrw 😮

😮 lol … ok so … next up Wednesday 😳

I love the tear drop necklace – I wore it today ❤️ I love it!

It just has an 👁 eye and then a tear that drips from it – is really beautiful ❤️

I had to wear a shirt that it won’t touch my chest with… the tear falls into cleavage and hits on my scars from my movements – I don’t like things really moving or touching on my scars clothes are ok…

My scars are sensitive. Especially that right there… well all of them, but it falls directly on the worst scar of all of them.

But I picked out a good shirt to wear with it today – I just love the tear falling from the eye. It’s not a heartbreak – only a tear – which can also be powerful

Remember this:?

I am sorry if you find that offensive but I do not. The message is stronger than anything else.

Here you have a Native American who knows and loves the land itself … and look what modern man does to it.


But anyway… I’m just saying a tear can also make a BIG impact ❤️

So that was my Tuesday. Ugh Wednesday – I am not at work but in my mind I am thinking ok so tmrw I have to … 😮🤨

I do not have good work life balance – it is work and I have life that I live lol… is not balanced currently – but I don’t particularly mind ❤️?

Alright gonna read before bed ✌️😘

Gnite ❤️💤🌙

Ps… this song haunted me today…

I am not a jumper lol … life trying to get me to do stuff lol ✌️

What is it Monday?

Of course it is 🤨🙄

Moanday 😝😝😝

I woke up really late… I had 5 minutes to get ready lol 😮

I thought my old record of 30 minutes was king… but no … I just broke my own record lol

Got ready in 5 minutes lol / that is quite the feat for my age group lol … or for “me” lol … I am not fast like that – but today I was 🙌 … I hurt after though – my right side sucks

Got to work on time … and then it’s busy 😮

I have a full board again 😮

It’s not all covid though… normal deaths too

Also… if you would like to get funeral assistance from FEMA and you are in the United States – they will begin taking applications for the assistance starting on April 12th, 2021

You will need few things to qualify… the death certificate must list covid as ONE of the causes of death.

Here is the Link:

They have extended the time period I believe into 2021… any covid related deaths starting from January 2020 until current day.

This can help so many families ❤️

I believe the amount is UP to $7000 – but it can take off some of the burden if you qualify 🙏

I am so glad they are doing that ❤️ families were devastated and continue to be – this can help

It’s a worldwide disaster so it should be helped.

(I kinda wish they had music people from all over the world then that would have been incredible – or we could do that now?) we should do that!!!

We also need a week off to commemorate those lost and the moments time stood still …

We should have one worldwide holiday, that we all recognize for covid – we are all together … and then one holiday for everyone and we remember what happened – don’t forget these things even if they hurt or were hard.

I always think of the saying – those who forget their past are condemned to repeat it … so let all remember together?

We should have a covid holiday the third week of March.

Everything should stop for one week so we remember those moments and just time to take a breath?

But whatever – just saying we should have that. ✌️

If I had worldly support I could probably get that done lol ✌️ and we could all share something together ❤️ I wish for that… that would be awesome ❤️

Let’s see, what else happened today ? Other than death?

Oh 🙄… someone I know from the police …

Oh he was just saying stuff over text, and ya know is the same stuff … let me take you out to dinner

No, I can’t / I work

He say you have to eat 🤨

Eh been stressed

So just stuff like that.

“Words”… you know… whatever

I don’t mind with him as much because he is funny with it lol … if you entertain me then it isn’t so bad lol

Plus he only paused because of covid lol … but I am used to him with that. He always tries lol … the guy is persistent lol

I don’t really see or hear from country boy much – I am busy and he is busy. Lol so 🤷‍♀️ …it’s perfect lol 😄😄😄

Lol I am kidding … but for right now is pretty perfect lol

I don’t have to be overwhelmed or stress about hours I work, nothing … very peaceful … cause I never see him 😄😄✌️

But in all seriousness – right now that is perfect for me 🙌

He said Happy Easter and he texted me earlier to say hi… every so often he will – but is still not often. We are both really busy

He plays baseball and owns companies or something ? I don’t know ?

I do death lol … he hits them outta the park and I bury them in the memorial park lol

Also… awhile ago, maybe 2 months? Back in February, I ordered this beautiful necklace

It came today.

I used to have this seahorse necklace… it’s my favorite ❤️ I can only find them sometimes

I have had 3 … they break because I never take it off – and it’s a corded necklace with a gorgeous seahorse on it ❤️ I just love that one necklace ❤️

But anyway – I haven’t found it in years. Maybe one day?

Anyway, my kids buy me necklaces but the only problem is sometimes they are not real gold so I turn green , yes my neck will turn green 😮

And if they do get me a gold one which they did last time, the chain is too tiny and breaks easy 😮

I had to get new glasses so I go to the guy and before he can say anything I said …

I need new glasses – I am hard on things – I am hard on my phone, I am hard on my shoes and my clothes, I am hard on purses, I am hard on anything you give me – so give me glasses I can be hard on lol


And he says to me… umm why you so hard on everything? Lol 😄😄🤷‍♀️

Because I have to be gentle everywhere else lol 😘✌️

… I got a necklace with good chain – it is an eye with a tear ❤️ it’s beautiful ❤️

The only problem is 😄😄… yes there is a problem … I do not like where it sits on my chest

It sits right in cleavage 🤨 ok that is bothersome … and I don’t like it touching my scars

But I do love it ❤️ I will just have to only wear with certain shirts so it doesn’t touch my chest. It goes too low. The tear falls right in my cleavage!!

So yeah – only with certain shirts

I think neighbor guy finally understands? Maybe? I don’t know? I think so – but I’m always wrong with these things – we are gonna hope so!!

And then that’s about it.

I am exhausted!! And I did not shower before work today 😮😱😱😱😱😱😱

But no one died when they saw me so that wasn’t so bad lol ✌️

No one even noticed 🤨🙄😄


Gnite Monday 😘✌️

I have to say one more thing… I went through a lot of trauma with my things and went severely silent from all my people … I remain that way. Been about 2 years. I like it that way.

My people worried – they knew I had all kinds of trauma and then went silent very very uncharacteristically!!

Anyway… for me – I just needed peace, I was not thinking of suicide or anything of that sort – that never enters my mind. I just needed to get away from everything – death, cancer, hospitals, doctors, ex … so that was my case

But that’s not always the case… make sure you check on people you love and make sure they are doing ok.

I didn’t want my people to bother me and I only responded to people who I thought would send out swat teams 🤨🙄 I’m just trying to have peace over here

But I just wanted to shut everything out – they wouldn’t let me shut it all down – they made me keep them in my life ❤️ they made sure I was ok – and they still do.

I am fine with it now. I am relaxed with the ones who did that.

But anyway… just saying … in my case I only wanted peace – but I love life ❤️

But people might be going through something they can not handle? You want to give people space – but you also want to make sure they are ok.

At the time, I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. But they didn’t listen ❤️ they were annoying instead lol ❤️ but I love them for that ❤️

Just make sure you check in with those you love ✌️

Ok good night for real 💋✌️

Time for me to fly?

Happy Easter 🐣

I have been avoiding neighbors, but that didn’t work out so well for me this morning.

I went out to my car, and there is that neighbor guy and he comes right over 🤨🙄 ugh 🤦‍♀️

And then he says… “hey Trisha! Happy Easter”

I said Happy Easter back… and then he says “hey so what time you get off work usually – I can have dinner ready if you want, and we can have dinner together this week”

What?????????????? 😮😮😮

Ok so then I had to say something because this is way over my head … I am not looking to be on Jerry Springer or anything lol … no!! Just no and no!!!

So I told him… I am not comfortable hanging out with you without your wife. I am sorry you are not happy and need a friend – but that can’t be me… and you are a married man… – I keep to myself and I like it that way.

He just said “oh ok no problem, just thought I would ask”


Yeah it’s still a no. 🤨

Boundaries dear sir… boundaries!

And that kinda bothers me, not just that he’s married and trying to have dinner with me 🤨

But also… what gives you the thought that “I” would ever be interested in that? 🤨🤨

Cause he comes on pretty heavy duty so ??? Why??? What would make you think I would be ok with that at all?

His wife is away and he wants to have dinner with another woman? A beautiful woman – yeah no!

He is seriously coming on way too much for me!! Nope!! Not dealing with it!

Also… I am not lonely – I love my peace. That whole thing is not peace, so I would like to repel it lol

I want zero stressful situations and I feel like that is invading my peace now. 🤨

See!!! I knew it would be issue – ugh and this is why I keep to self – yet issues still happen 🤨 because I have to go outside 🤨🙄

So if I move – I have to find a place that it won’t happen 🤨 but there is no place like that 🤨 it always happens 🤨🤨🤨

I am wearing full on vail. I will just cover up completely so no one sees me other than that

The mask does not help in slightest, like I thought it would 🤨 it still happens even with a mask!!

No matter where I go – I can never escape 😮 …how’s them apples ? 🤨

It’s like impossible!

I have a pretty face, on a thin body, with fake boobs 🤨

So. 🤨 you can not escape like that without full on vail and coverage – it’s the only way, until they come out with my invisibility cloak from Harry Potter – but they are taking forever!! lol ✌️

My wish list includes that invisibility cloak and teleporting … could I please have those 2 things 🙏 lol … I would really love those ❤️

So I don’t know where I want to move – now I am more serious with moving

My peace is invaded – I want to move ✌️ I don’t have peace here with that now. It makes me tense. Now I am on guard.

I don’t want him knowing me, nothing.

So where to go 😮🤷‍♀️

And yes – I will keep moving so it is peaceful – I want peace so there is that. When is no longer peace – is time to move forward for peace.

I have been here quite awhile now. I think it is time for me to move forward in that area.

I have a massive safety net here with my landlord – she has been so amazing to me ❤️ she became like family so she’s stuck with me now regardless lol ✌️

But it might be time for me to fly?

Good Friday

Friday went well. Mostly… was a very Good Friday ❤️

It did go well… and I got a lot of praise… they are really amazing to me always – I love my coworkers… they are thoughtful and kind and sweet and amazing ❤️🙌❤️

But I don’t know – I am not being hard on myself … trust me, I am not… but I do not think that praise was due? I appreciate very much, but I felt I am not done yet

But they are very thoughtful and sweet ❤️ I love my team ❤️

I also have to get on my girl’s because while I was out of office they didn’t stay up on their work – so I have to make sure they do that …when I am there and when I am not. I am not their mother lol ✌️😘

Anyway… also … I do not like when random men call me babe. “Hey babe” 🤨

The 80’s called – they want their line back lol 😄✌️ …sorry that joke was totally for my own enjoyment lol … but I do not like being called babe!

I have my favorite guy who calls me “hot trish” 🙄😄 yes … that still goes on 🙄😄… it’s like the longest running inside joke lol

He is so funny lol … that is never going away!! It just stuck!! And every single time he says it!! And tells everyone that’s my name 🤨🙄😄😄 – there is a whole story which he always finds so hilarious and loves sharing with people 😮 (I do find it hilarious too – I just don’t share the story or tell people my name is Hot Trish 😄😄🙄) … don’t call me that either lol

Only Trish or Trisha – just simple – stick to the facts lol

People and my name – lol 🤷‍♀️ I give up

“My name” was like a theme this week lol

I also had one extra bakery 🥯 item today after delivering all my items … so I just know someone who needed a little boost – and was Passover/Good Friday/Easter weekend … so I delivered that and it made her day ❤️ it’s always nice to be thought of or cared about ✌️❤️

And then kinda just chilled with the kids. ❤️ we didn’t do too much, chatted and laughed with stories of the week…

We just relaxed together – but was nice – we are always talking and oldest was showing me drawing he has done – he’s really good!!

He lacks confidence – he has confidence in areas – just like me… but he lacks confidence within himself, as far as, what people will think

You just have to go for it. He is very critical of his own work.

19 was stuffing his face full of chocolate 🍫 and tells the other 2 … I am the lucky one because I got moms genes 🧬 (he says that because I am thin – he is too – just like me … also the other 2 are average size but they have their dads build more.

19 has my thin build lol 🙄 he is tall and skinny lol

They each got some of my traits

My oldest got the funny ones 😄😄 … his hair on his head is a light brown… but it was MY genes 🧬 that make his beard grow in red lol 😄❤️ I really love that!! Lol – if he grows a beard it does not match his head lol … it’s the cutest thing and makes me Irish proud lol ✌️ (he does not like that – but his mother does 😄❤️)

He got the red hair gene lol ❤️

He also got my eye color. He is only one of the 3 … with my eye color. My eyes are a blue green

The other 2 got their fathers eye color – brown.

My oldest had freckles across the bridge of his nose as a kid – but they have faded now. He does have freckles still

… 19’s eyes – while they are brown… He has my eye shape and then he has my thin build. His face has a lot of my facial features ❤️

His frame is like mine

Daughter is taking after fathers side… she has my smile though ❤️

All 3 actually have my nose ❤️

Also here is a funny thing … oldest wants to begin his life and move off – he was talking about that.

Daughter doesn’t want him to 😄😄 she’s like “no you are my brother, you are not allowed to go” 😄😄

She doesn’t want him leaving

This woman gonna have a hard time with that when it happens

She says to me he’s my brother, he can’t leave

And I said … He’s my baby – he has to fly someday

She wants to cut his wings so he can’t leave 😄🙄

No you must stay with us 😄😄 you are not allowed to leave 😄

Awww ❤️❤️❤️

I warned them to stay little and not grow up – but they all just HAD to grow up lol 😘✌️

Anyway… they left and then I was exhausted!! I am not getting enough sleep lately 😮

Currently I am spring cleaning 🧽🧹 🙌 ahhhh so nice ❤️

I have documentaries playing on tv, while I clean and do laundry ❤️ thats like the best … documentaries and/or music lol ❤️

I have little more to do and then I have to run to store – but should be back later ✌️❤️

Happy Saturday 💕

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