Return of the Mac 🙌


(Just ignore all the love stuff 🤨🙄 … just replace that with respect only)

Dude should walk back in the office owning it like that lol 🙌 ahhhh he’s back 👏👏👏 oh thank god!!!

My phone rang about 5:30… it was him… and then he had a ton to tell me all about lol … and then he wanted to know a lot of things 😄😄

He gently kept tabs – man knows everything lol – nothing NOTHING gets by him!!! Lol I love that about him!!

Dude is on it!! Smart man.

I said – so you rested and ready? Lol … ohhh ok … and it’s on

And then he says to me how much vacation time do you have?

😳 ok well I have a lot but how am I supposed to do that?!!!

It will carry over but they don’t want that so… I have to use it 😮 or they really encourage and want me to lol

It’s just we have no upper management currently… and low staff so – who gonna do my job? That’s gonna pile up!!! 🤨

I will take a vacation to come back to crazyville!!! And bury myself 🤨 that does not sound cool and whole time that’s all I would think about!!!

So I don’t know… I have ALOT of time off!!! But when I gonna do that? 🤷‍♀️ and how?

I would LIKE to not be buried when I return lol … oh god

Anyway 3 hours later 😄😄🙌 ahhhh I have missed him lol – oh his communication level is seriously impeccable!!! Omg – you have no idea! 🙌

Not about stupid stuff. It’s all stories, information, details, happenings, ideas etc

I have not even touched surface of things while he gone lol … he knows bits and pieces so I fill him in little and tell him the happenings

We trade opinions on how to fix certain things.

He tells me of his stories or thoughts – it’s pretty bad ass and is never silence or weird

It’s helpful

He takes some of pressure off, he is easy to work with due to his perfectionism, communication skills, knowledge, etc … he is funny and also quite charming. Good man.

But we always talk a lot. I cut him off for two weeks lol … because I wanted him to relax and enjoy his family – not worry. I told him I would not text or call him while on vacation lol – I didn’t – but he called and texted me 😑 but he did not this week.

So we had and still have tons to catch up on and then watch… they will make me do my vacation!!! 🤦‍♀️ not yet!!!

Totally thrilled and excited and sense of strength back – yay!!!! 🙌

I always make sure if someone is important to me …they know how much they mean to me and why.

I have always realized how precious life was (mostly – except maybe… for one year as a teenager) 😉✌️

But when I went through cancer things – I wasn’t dead but I got to see what I meant to people.

And then I work in funerals so I see the unsaid things … so I just always want to do that.

He had cancer too. So he knows how is. He is same so it just works well.

He will send quick little texts like – “hey – appreciate you!” Lol so he is funny with his – very kind!

I will also say things similar – because I also appreciate him.

Ugh once again remove the love or sex stuff 🤨 …

Only that I am glad to know him, honored to work with him, enjoy who he is.

Extremely smart man – glad he came to us.

He alleviates my pressure and I do that for him. Plus I learn sooooooooo much from him!!!

And he is honest and forthcoming – so I trust him … “a man” 😮😮 lol

So that’s pretty cool.

He definitely makes me feel relief for him to come back. Lol

Ok so… now I just have personal things going on lol … which I will tell you about soon when things do actually happen

But I have to do stuff to make that happen 🤨🙄 so ok

I told him about it and he was like “are you gonna have a party to celebrate?” Hmm well no probably not lol … I am quiet person lol

Anyway I am so excited his vacation is over lol 🙌👏 never do that again lol – I’m kidding totally kidding (ish)

Yay! 🙌 I can breathe again!!

Winter is coming

So I slept in until 8am this morning!!! 😮 so weird to wake so much later now! Like I missed a big chunk of “day” lol

But whatever – I am being slow and lazy – it’s a beautiful day ❤️ kind cold and freezing lol but beautiful 🙌

Windy, the wind chimes are clanging lol … the sun is just beaming 😁 ☀️🌴 … our high today is only 78 😮😳

When you coming of of 100’s and 90’s … 78 is freezing 🥶

I want to turn the heat on – but no … I just added clothing 🤨🙄 …ugh and here we go with layers 🥶

Can I have a GRADUAL descend? Lol

Ok. Here comes winter 🥶😳 how much longer til spring? Lol kidding I won’t start that yet – I am just joking – but only slightly …because I know I can’t start that yet lol ✌️ … but I do sorta already want that. Or just year round perfect temp – I would also like that lol ✌️

Ok so … who’s got the heat?? Lol kidding but if you tell me you do – I’m gonna want that

I wish I could grab the sun like that ❤️ I would really love that ❤️☀️❤️

But in winter…

I am not at my best when I am purple 🤨 because yes I do turn purple and blotchy … I am not a cold weather person… really at all 😮

Which is funny because I am also Irish … so I burn extremely easy and when the sun sits on my skin – I literally sizzle and burn, in seriously, only a few minutes!!! 🤨 YES… I said minutes 🤨

I also turn red really easy 🤨 I have 3 colors to me lol … my base color is white… with brown dots all over lol – so kinda I am speckled with all colors 🙌 lol

Then in warm sunny times – I can turn red – and that red can also be partially purple, depending on how bad it happens 😮 …let’s just not talk about that 😉✌️ (I still learn lessons, because I really want to believe – one day I can handle it!!) lol … every year I think that lol … I’m sure by now, my skin can take little extra – but no… I am swiftly reminded 🤨🤦‍♀️ (but just incase one day 🙏 I still wanna try lol) maybe one day life will be like… “fine just let her have it” lol (I have false hopes lol but just incase and I love to try anyway)

And then 🤦‍♀️ … winter 🥶…ugh it’s the worst!!!

I am white with brown spots but also weirdly red and blotchy with purple because I freeze!! So you must turn up the heat lol

I kinda see slight humor… only to “me” in odd way … when people use skin color for prejudice?? Because then I think to myself ?? Why would you think a certain skin better than another??? … because mine kinda sucks 🤨 skin is stupid and not even deep – we literally all bleed the same … and you really can’t totally change what you are given … well I want to say that… but I also live in California – so I dunno? The things they can change now 🤷‍♀️ – so in that case I guess – get whatever you want

Hmm… what color would I like if I could chose ?? Hmm 🤔

Well I don’t know the bad of the other types – I just know I burn … and peel and things 🤨 … so I would like to not do that. Or get the C word.

I would like to frolic in the sun ☀️ for longer than FEW MINUTES before burning … to NOT sizzle like a steak on a grill!!! 🤨

I need the vitamin D!! And milk doesn’t like me now! I also don’t like taking things. No supplements

So I would like to have a skin that makes me NOT burn!! I am soooooo jealous!!!

I would like to be sun kissed in different color than completely fire engine 🚒 red ✌️

You instantly know I have been outside 🤨 even for a few minutes… I really hate that

It’s not that I don’t love what I look like or who I am – I do 😊🥰 it’s what I got. Like everyone else you grow into it lol

But… just the burning thing is really annoying!! And I happen to live where fires are a thing, and I love the sun and heat 😮 California sun is intense!

🤦‍♀️ burn baby burn

So anyway… winter is coming 😳🥶 now I turn red blotchy purple 🤨

Just keep the heat up 😉✌️

Since I can’t change my skin at all 🤨 …or even teach or train it 🤨 …

I would like to live on an island in the sun with lots of SPF 🙌

Also would like to add having freedom, equality and no stupid political parties messing up my island – they can just stay on the mainland!!! Keep out!

Ahhh day dreams whatever – got lost there for a minute 😉 … it’s just the coldness is setting in and I am not done with the heat yet!! I also prefer to be eased into things not just plopped or all crazy! Slow and steady wins the race lol ❤️🙌 I am the turtle lol 🐢 …not the hare 🐇

So yeah I just like the transition a little slower and more gradual

But you don’t get to chose certain things in life – that’s just how it is. So just keep trying for what you want 😘✌️

Little side note story… when my oldest was a baby … and I first introduced him to carrots 🥕 … I accidentally turned him orange because I fed him too many carrots 😮 I did not know that happened until “that happened” 😮😮😮 I didn’t know you could turn someone orange lol you live, you learn lol

I’m just saying nothing is ever totally perfect but is still amazing and beautiful.

Except the cold and winter 🥶… ok I just find dread there!!!

Ugh 😑 yes

Ok so we gonna have cold weather, I’ll be freezing … there’s gonna be so much death (please hurry! Do your shot!)… ugh and inside because of cold and possibly maybe rain? 🙏

But my rain is usually boring – just boring rain – no excitement to it usually – just maybe floods or something.

That’s weird?? I just realized something … I find Northern California rain boring… and the floods build up gradually

I like gradual because is moments of time leading up to something…

But not with Mother Nature – with storms I love the fierceness 😮 the power 😮🙌 not the destruction – I am just in awe of the power

I do not like tornados 🌪 – I am afraid of those. Too powerful!

I will never live in Tornado Alley – sorry I can not!! Off my list – I would constantly worry with every storm. Although your storms are incredible and beautiful – definitely a lure 😮

I do love hurricanes 🌀❤️ I love everything about a hurricane 😮 … except the death and destruction … I am not speaking on that – obviously I do not want that.

But I separate that from what the storm is – it’s an incredible weather event that I really love 😮 … yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

I find everything about them incredible and beautiful 😮 the wind speeds 😮 it’s exciting to watch them grow – picking up speed over the warm water 😮

I’m sure my feelings are way different than most people on this.

I love the feeling when it’s coming towards you and you rush to board up Windows or hunker down anything you can – I love preparing for!

I love the little transistor radio giving the knots and conditions ❤️ repeating date time and conditions over and over for you lol … I love having candles and things for when the lights go out

The first part hits and sometimes really hard – you are just at total mercy of that power 😮

You can see and feel the fierceness! 😳😮

And then the eye 👁… is beautiful and calm … like the storm has passed and you can relax. The smell of the air, the silence, and the beauty of the sky … omg ❤️🙌 you step out and that air smells so amazing … and it’s just so calm as you look around and see what it’s done

But it’s not done, has a big finale as the rest passes over – back with the wind speeds and rain for a second hard hit – maybe harder than the first because already weakened and smacked 😮

I dunno? I just find that beautiful …but again only the storm – not the death or destruction – I am just in awe with that power and thrill

But I do kinda love the way people come together to rebuild or support one another afterwards… I love to see human kindness ❤️

I wish that was always and not just if you are sick or there is an event. But the comradery is also very beautiful ❤️ I do like when we be together with each other, rather than fight

Nor’Easters can be pretty thrilling also. (massive blizzards or snow storms) – I am just not a cold person, but I know those well.

Those are also thrilling if done right lol … don’t get me all excited and then don’t deliver lol … ❤️

I like severe weather (not tornadoes 🌪) and if you gonna make me be cold and have snow – I better be able to play in it! I want forts and tunnels and things – so I would like couple feet – make it worth it

(I wanted the “give it to me baby” part of that song – but then I got sucked in remembering the song – that song makes me smile ❤️ ok actually laugh – I forgot all about that song!) ❤️

Not sure why I love those things like that.

But I do also love boring normal regular awesome sun ☀️ – that’s probably my favorite – but then there is my skin issue 🤨 so ya know – you can’t totally win

Earthquakes are a whole other issue – I do not like those – I do not like that power lol

It’s too mysterious and unpredictable.

BUT … I DO find a beauty to it – in a certain way?? 🤨🙄 I can’t help it…

I am scared of it… because of the unpredictable power and possible strength …

But then I think about it’s process and what the ground is doing and why/how 🤦‍♀️ that’s where I find the beauty – omg in the science 😮

Ok so… there are things – like history and science that I love and bleeds into the way I view something

Heart things do that too but I am WAY WAY WAY more cautious there

I’ll take a risk on a storm, before I will do that with my heart 😮😮😮 whoa – I fear a storm less 😮😮😮

I can take any size storm (not tornadoes 😉) … but I do not like when the heart bleeds. So don’t do that! I have highest level caution ⚠️

I can read a storm easily 😮😮😮… people are iffy – I know the fierce I get with a storm, but you don’t always truly know people

Huh see how writing helps?

Interesting to think that.

What would I choose ?? Unpredictable earthquake or heartache? Hmm 😮 that’s more of a decision I have to think about. I might chose heart on this one? Maybe then I choose heart, when up against earthquake

Definitely choose heart over tornadoes lol ✌️🌪

Ok well I should go do stuff 🙄 I am behind on my own happenings and chores – bleh

I guess I am fall cleaning and preparing car and house for winter 😑 ugh dread – it’s cold today – very dramatic kinda dip there

Lost in time

A forgotten literary piece by Tennessee Williams was found at a Harvard library: Harvard’s Houghton Library 😮

It’s called “The Summer Woman” ❤️

“The Summer Woman” appears this week in the fall issue of the literary quarterly The Strand Magazine.

“The Summer Woman” was written in 1952. It tells of an American academic who frequently visits Rome and hopes to reunite with an Italian prostitute whom he had met and had financially supported in hopes of keeping her “off the street.”

“He could encompass five or six very important themes in a 3,000-word short story. And, in this case, the themes are love, betrayal, foreign policy, human relationships,” Gulli said.

The story parallels Williams’ opinion that the United States was not doing enough to assist the Italians following World War II.

“In in a letter that Williams said, theater critic, he was saying that unless we do more for these people, they’ll fall prey to communists or to extremists,” Gulli said.

I just copy pasted from that article from Boston. But that’s exciting – I can’t wait to read 😊

Weird how things get lost to time like that??

“The themes are love, betrayal, foreign policy, human relationships” … HA! Things just never actually change 🙄

Anyway just interesting – I love finding things like that ❤️

Almost there 🙌

Ok… one more day…

I’m still alive (barely) lol 😉 it’s been rough – but we good. Whew.


Mine is the rollercoaster of death at the moment.

And then we have a huge huge one. HUGE! Sad and really sad 💔

So ok. Whew. We can get through it

Whew almost there 🙌 … it’s almost the best day of the week ❤️❤️❤️ ~ FRIDAY ~ ❤️❤️❤️

I think I actually can have weekend off?? 😮😮😮😮 we see 🙏

They hired the girl I liked on the spot ❤️❤️❤️ woo hoo!! I recommend and she’s amazing!

I need 2 more Full Time and 2 Part time … 🎲 🎲 c’mon 🙏

So many things. Ok well whatever

Tmrw I have to be somewhere else. Because of things. Sorry sometimes things must be cryptic out of privacy. Still work related but just different – because of things ✌️

Handling something.

So let’s see… not to much else – handling some big stuff ✌️😉 😘🙏🙏🙏

After I grabbed my daughter this afternoon … we stopped at store.

I am fully done up, black jacket and all and was maybe 90? But I was in AC most of the time, so didn’t bother me any.

I always feel like:

Only diff is that I am woman but is same feeling 😘✌️

As we walking into the store my daughter says “Mum, you look really beautiful today” 😮❤️

Someone wants candy lol – kidding … I only tease – that was really sweet of her to say… I feel exhausted! ❤️ sweet to hear come from her ❤️

My hair was curled and make up perfect … form fitting black suit with skirt and small small small heels!! I do not like heels – it makes me WAY too tall!!

But I was put together today. 🙌 sometimes that works out lol

(There are not really any good songs that fit totally the way I want for that)

And … Yes she did ask me for candy lol … only if you share lol ✌️😘

In the car on ride home I play this song :

And she go to change it on me lol… and I said “ok just hang on a minute – I wanna hear one part

So she says ok … and then the whole song is almost done and she says “which part is your part?”

“Well the whole song” 😄😄😘😉✌️ so I got the whole thing 🙌😄❤️

Also I heard this new song today and kinda love it ❤️…


Ok sooo….

One more day… one more!!


Ok so… I had a bad day

I just be silent right now, but you know – writing helps so we see 🤷‍♀️

Just work stuff.

Yeah I don’t want to talk about it. I feel very silent.

Let’s see what else?

Well that’s pretty much my life lol … I left early because I have daughter this week.

I am making dinner, but I’m not very hungry. Actually at all. I have no desire to eat any food.

The thought makes my stomach turn.

I’m just really silent.

So hmm… I’m gonna have to be cryptic so – get out your decoder rings lol … 😉✌️ 💍

Let’s see how do I stay silent and not be silent? Ok

So… I see signs of cracks in the dam… uh oh.

Ok so there is that. I’ve been handling few things and taking it on the chin. Which is fine

But I’m nervous with stuff and I see cracks so…

I want to say something to someone who could help… but I also want him to have vacation and not worry… instead I worry!

Not the time for people to fall apart… c’mon stay strong!!

I feel like I need him – because I am strong … but with him stronger 😮… I am holding together but we need him… we are stronger with him

I feel like I’m driving with a flat tire … one wheel down – I need all 4!!

I want to tell him – but then I don’t … let him breathe and recharge. Whew what to do.

I know if I tell him – he’s gonna work… and I don’t want it to completely take over his life because death will…

But while he been on vacation – he sneak works 😑🙄

He does teeny tiny things and keeps in touch with his families.

And then he will text me … if I don’t answer really quick… he calls lol … dude … sometimes stuff is happening and you supposed to be on vacation lol

And then he will be like “you ok? Everything going good?” 🙄 omg …the man does NOT know how to take a vacation lol

And then from there he uses me as the feeler for how everyone else is handling things. It “was” good

But he took 2 consecutive weeks – that’s hard! Especially when low staffed

So if I call him – his vacation might end and I don’t want that. I want him to recharge because I need him to come back really strong!

So… that? Or…

I dunno – so I am silent. Bleh whew. Ok well. What do you think ?

I like to be informed. I know he does – but if I inform him omg his vaca over – I don’t want to ruin life for him. I want him to have those moments with his loved ones – I know how hard this job is. I really want him to relax – he never relaxes.

It’s our lives but I want him to just have moments because those are also important.

I am not aggressively strong like he is – but around him he brings out a power? 💥 I dunno I feel safe and strong when I can turn to him so without that it’s really hard.

It’s also not as fun without him – some say he’s a hard ass – but I don’t see that 🤷‍♀️ I miss the every morning call to discuss every detail of the day and things lol … I have to coordinate with him so constant communication is key

His conversation skills are spot on. With literally everyone!

Anyway. I definitely miss him 😮 we really need him 😮

So… what would you do? 😮 do you speak – or remain silent and let it rain over me 😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ whew!

So I don’t know how to hold them up without his guidance but I do not want to put heavy on his shoulders… so I am carrying it

I have a cross to bear 😮😮

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ whew what to do.

Also if I tell him …the world will know I told him lol. So.

Oh dilemmas 🤦‍♀️ which is the right way??

Btw… just to clarify something to be absolutely clear – not that I have to explain myself but whatever …

I enjoy him as human being, because he is amazing man.

I also very much appreciate his guidance in areas… he gives me perspective.

I appreciate who he is as a human being. That is all.

I admire others with same type of admiration.

That does not mean anything else just because he is man – so I am just saying… we work incredible together.

I need his guidance but I am torn. Ok. See do I take on to my shoulders because I don’t know I can? I don’t know what to say and he is a master communicator – higher than me 😮

He is our strength and then to put that on his shoulders ugh 🤦‍♀️ omg

Yeah I’m not eating!! 😝

Yesterday we came home early, ate, I just laid down for one minute and nope I am too old to do that now… I fall right asleep!!

My daughter woke me up at 11:30 when she slinked off to bed 🤨

But I’m so exhausted and beat that I fell back asleep. Omg

So about 12 hours 😮 omg

I could close my eyes right now and I’m not even laying down 😮

Well anyway… what would you do? If you were in my shoes – what would you do?? Seriously think and tell me lol – I need guidance lol different perspectives 🙏

How would you see it if you were in my shoes? 👠

The Weekend

Well Friday was awesome 👏❤️ everyone got a raise 🙌

I’m still sorta working today. I am also on call all day and all night tonight – so no dying!! Just hold on!!

You should just get the vaccine lol … sorry … I just wanna push that to stop the deaths 😉✌️

But let me tell you this… I love the new girl so far!!! Omg my boss picked amazing this time!!! Spot on!!!

She seems strong like that ❤️🙌👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

Girl is phenomenal!! I train her she takes notes always looking to help me or make my life easier – fricken yes please – I am keeping her ❤️

2 days and I adore her!!!😮

Easy lol… I can’t help it because she is THAT awesome so far – we see … we see how that goes

But so far I adore her completely lol 🙌

She’s incredible! I kinda want to make her full time but I’ll go slow… we see how she works before I push that but I already love her work ethic

Whatever I want … she ready 😮

First day in right away she jump right in! She get first hand View right off the bat. And she’s not scared off

I got a good one ❤️❤️❤️ 🙌

This one seems to have great work ethic, and has this strength to her that I can not describe!! I like her – she seems driven!! She will go very far if I see her correctly. 🙌

I just have to get to know her – but I like her alot already!!

She’s young and she’s also very mature and beautiful. She will fit in perfect ❤️

She has a professional demeanor and dress, she’s amazing 😮

2 days and I am impressed – that is not easy. Check her out lol… so we see … I think I got a winner ❤️

So that’s going well

Played video games with kids when they came over – I made them play Lazer Blast with me from Atari lol 😄😄 …

I said “check your mom out with the skills and high score” I can go forever lol

And they say “mum it’s the same thing over and over”

Lol so – I’m still beating you all 🙌✌️😄

I got a rhythm 🎶 lol 😉🤫

We played few other games but that was fun! ❤️🙌❤️

Then there was this funny thing last night … I can’t tell you what, but it was funny… only because it was one of those moments where you are like “of course it would be something like that” of course lol … so you just laugh because what else can you do? you don’t wanna cry lol

So. 😳😮😄 of course

Then today I work from home and I have all phones 😑 ugh

And then that girlfriend of mine calls and I get to hear all about things 😳😮😐

I could never live like her. Ever I could not handle that. I already know. Nope!

Someone we know asked about me – nope nope nope. She try to slyly bring up and I say nope right away. Because no.

If I say no – I have a reason. He’s not serious only superficial, so no.

I ordered groceries because I don’t feel like shopping lol … I pick them up shortly.

Tmrw is early release and I have to open Haunted Mansion

Tmrw going to be a hard day – but it is Monday and Monday’s are kinda always tough

Ok well … here comes an insane week!! Oh god help us 🙏

Fascination / Vaccination – whatever 😘✌️ keep doing that!

Who knows? 🤷‍♀️

So wow. Thursday 😮

So hmm 🤔… I have no idea what happened lol … omg … just so many things!! I don’t know if I can remember everything 😮 … let’s see

So I always seem to walk into things at just the right moment.

So I came down a hallway today and I could hear people talking about “ME” lol 😮😄 … was all good stuff … but still …

As I turned the corner, I was like “hello there” and laughed cause.. busted 😘✌️ I just tease 😉 it was funny

One of the woman was an Indian woman and she said something about it to me…

She said in her culture if you walk in exactly at moment you being spoken of – it means you have long life? Or good life?

Is that right? I don’t know if she was joking or not?

She was cute and funny 😄 we were laughing about stuff when she told me that, so I am not sure

I will take a long life or a really awesome one!! Either or lol

Not that it’s not currently awesome … but ya know higher level in different aspects ✌️😘

Ok so there was that.

Ok and then I am working on repairs and billing and reports and phones and death etc… whew 😳

I was just buried in paper work and then I had to stop and go to Carecenter for many things. So that stopped my progress but they need the help- they are overwhelmed – so I just help little bit.

It’s been crazy.

Can I please tell you to get the vaccine!! Please please please.

You have no idea so please 🙏

Ok so I’ll beg there for one moment … you do what you want – I can’t force you. I just say please. It’s not a joke and it is real …

This teaches you consequences – are you prepared for whatever that is? I don’t care if you work out or eat right… that doesn’t matter at all.

You need vaccine and also mask. Also hand washing!!

Winter is coming. Please 🙏

You decide your own fate. Is Russian roulette

Ok I have to switch subjects …

I have a new girl starting tmrw 🤨 I know nothing about her – my boss picked her 🤨 I’m not a fan of my bosses picks lol

Ok so we see. 😐

She just got cleared to start part time and starts tmrw … oh boy.. we have many services tmrw!! 😮 she about to get crash course in funeral homes … she either gonna fit in and swim or we see

If she is not scared off tomorrow then we see. She gonna have to jump right in.

Don’t be shy. Also don’t be lazy. 😘✌️

No no… no lazy song at this moment!! Nope …

Instead is…

So I’m gonna need hustle

I just reminded myself of…


I’m gonna need you to have hustle, alright… ok alright ✌️😘😄😄😄❤️ that’s so funny – ok that was for my own enjoyment 🙌❤️

But yes!!! Hustle please!!!

Ok … it’s on baby girl – what you made of? Please let her be good 🙏🙏🙏 crash course first thing 😮 hope she is ready for this ride!! 😳😮🙏🙏🙏 pray for me!!

Ok where else can I post ad? For people needing jobs – don’t say Monster – because they suck!! I do not know what is the deal with people on there, but whatever

I just can’t

Ok I am doing Indeed.

I think my boss has on Craigslist.

Umm I have tried zip recruiter but … they are too expensive and also same for one other one that I can not think of at this moment.

Where else can I try?? Cheaply or free lol 😘✌️

I need to find more.

And then… on another subject … a contractor I know and use … every single time is flirty … I don’t mind flirty. I am quick witted, funny and I am also an ace of making sure exactly where to change that subject 😉

He says things – I basically ignore because “what’s this?” Words – big deal whatever.

Like last week I was talking about work things and he always makes it playful – fine whatever – I am also playful ish… I keep it always always always professional – my mind does not even go to anything except work but I am flirty “slightly” while heavily watching boundaries” lol 😘✌️

But then he says “I’ve been thinking of you”

And he trying to tell me he seriously does 🤨 no… no he does not. Trust me I know my instincts and my intel 😉

🤨🙄 no. This one is playboy… so whatever. Yeah lol… he thinking of me, I bet

He looks at me like he seriously wants to devour me!! 😳 ok see – that is hormones. Control them.

And then today I talking work again … and at first is all business … he calls me boss 🙄

And then he starts being playful again omg!! And I said well maybe I see you this weekend – because I have to work the weekend again 🤫

And as I’m getting ready to hang the phone up – he says “I hope I do” 😮🤨

No… no he does not. All he wants is to get into pants – no and sorry. This is The Challenge guy … so whatever… I don’t pay attention to fluffy things like that… smoke 💨 and mirrors 🪞

Show me

He won’t – he is a “playboy” so whatever 🙄

Don’t believe at all.

He can say whatever he wants – the words do not show or tell me anything – and I do not trust motive. Those words are fake

Not when you look at me like you gonna eat me … no no no

Slow your roll and not like that!!

He doesn’t have a chance – he’s too much of a playboy. I am not down with that. I don’t want to deal with that and no just no …so whatever

But he just keeps trying 🤨🙄 trust me absolutely those words are not true in the way they should be… so absolutely not!!

I am just sharing this so you can see what goes on!!!! Crazy Train!!

I like peace – I do not want bullshit… he looks at me like he’s a wolf … I can’t even describe!! That’s the best I can do!

Also… he says same to all other girls – you don’t think we talk? I have a network so I know everything lol 🙌😘✌️ – nice try

Yeah not even if the world was ending! 😮 so that’s a definite no.


I don’t really play with those kinda things / I will keep professional and I just get quiet when he switches from work to that talk … then I quickly say “I have to go… thanks! Byyyeeee” 👋 lol

Yeah dude don’t even try. Lost cause already. Not my type. I’m good.

So there is that also.

💆‍♀️ I need a massage!!! But no

Oh and you wanna hear something hilarious ❤️❤️❤️

So you know the man I help at other funeral home…


He is supposed to be on vacation lol

I specifically ordered him to not think about or check on work!! You need funeral detox lol … you just need to let go for moment

But it is his passion … he just really loves it 🙌❤️ that much

Let’s see he lasted about 3 days lol … but he had still been checking emails and watching our text messages on group text lol

The man does not know how to take a vacation lol – dude – I got you!! Don’t worry 😄 I just didn’t know he would cave so fast – I should have bet him money!!! Omg I would have won!!

That would have been too easy!! His passion is admirable but I want him to recharge. Come back like a bull ya know? Nice and strong … and boom with that attitude lol… just kidding … I enjoy him and I want him to recharge so he stay strong – I don’t want him burning out – and he really really deserves a break!

So anyway. I hope he relaxes. He is workaholic like me. Lol

He just worries cause things go boom – they will always go boom whatever

I got you – don’t worry 😘

He misses us – he can’t tear himself away lol

Do you see what death does ?? 😉 I love that he is so passionate!

But I don’t think he knows how to vacation lol 🤷‍♀️

I love working with him!! Just normal.. not any weird stuff.

Great guy!! Hard and caring worker!!

Anyway lol … people are funny … it is hard to separate yourself – you have to have a hard disconnect… but if you disconnect then you have to reconnect and not know anything lol

It’s just best to always know things lol … see!! But you have to!! It’s hard to disconnect because the business is important and he truly cares about his families and the reputation. See hard to disconnect …when ya know, it’s just hard

Ok well I have to sleep – I have to be at work even earlier for many services happening omg

And kaboom 💥

Ok Friday …

Friday is going to be like that 😮😮😮 all crazy I believe there are wakes and funerals at each home 😮

So yeah – ready ?? 😮🙏🙏🙏

Ok I have to sleep 😴🙄

Ugh … ok so working a lot! But whatever that is ok. I just have to sleep 😑

I work too much. 😮 ok I will visit that later 😉😘✌️ Gnite


Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏


I have a really quick funny story…

I’m all dressed up and dolled up … in black… with black mask lol

I stopped in a store to buy coffee creamer because I need caffeine lol 😘✌️🤫

The woman at the counter says to me “I’m so sorry”

I said “excuse me?” Cause I didn’t know why she saying that lol

And she said “you must be going to a funeral”

Lol 😄 I said “Everyday – that’s what I do”

And then her face and she laughed – then she ask me for who and I tell her and then she tells me her experience with my company at the mothership location

I believe we are actually worldwide maybe or mostly – I’m pretty sure is in Europe too

But anyway was funny that she was like “oh I’m sorry, you are going to a funeral” lol yes yes I am always 😘✌️

Come fly with me ❤️😉

Ah …so what to say lol

Let’s just start from the beginning. I talked to my staff member yesterday and I say – “ya know this is appreciation for American workers and I appreciate you. Let’s have a destress weekend – take it easy and then we pound the week” 😉

She agreed and we doing that yesterday. I only did 4.5 hours yesterday but I have no had day off since who knows when??

We worked like dogs 🤨 so is Labor Day and I’m gonna appreciate myself and my workers ❤️ we work very hard and they amazing and stand beside me ❤️ so fuck yeah

lol ❤️

Ahh the land of the free lol ❤️ 🇺🇸 and that is how you manage well 💋 show appreciation when you know they worked to the bone.

If corporate doesn’t wanna do it – I do! I watch them work so hard and pour everything in – so yeah I took this holiday my way ❤️❤️❤️ yay!! ❤️❤️❤️

Again self care lol and I want them to know and be aware of when need self care – I don’t want to burn them out either

They work hard for me because I make working there not feel so bad. It is the people you with 😉

So anyway … let me paint the mental picture 😮

Black shirt, cute shorts and knee high black boots because I forgot to bring the bag of shoes 🤦‍♀️ ugh

So I text my coworker last night and I say “hey, so what size shoe you wear? Cause I forgot all my shoes and I need at least some flip flops or something other than knee high black boots!! I do not want to invite any trouble!!!”

She laughed and said she would bring me some shoes today… she brought me flip flops 🩴 lol – way better and less sexy than those black boots 😮

But that wasn’t before my boss called because tables had not been delivered over weekend so… I handled and got delivered IMMEDIATELY!! … but looking like that with the black knee highs … my legs are long already – it’s bad and then with shorts – but I did not expect to see anyone!! And I was gonna have flip flops eventually … Lol but of course I see people

And then that family came in – but they were in tank tops and shorts … only I looked weird with the stupid boots omg those boots

They laughed ☺️ But still!!

And then we only supposed to work til noon and I would have kept working – but my boss was like what are you doing? Let’s go have a drink 😮

Well alright then. 😮 so I wrapped it up I was there early … said happy weekend see you tmrw to coworker… and I left.

My boss was in my parking lot already lol … and then came in my car. 😮 I did not expect that but ok

And then we just gonna go have a drink or something but nothing we know was open.

So I said well we can go to my hotel room and just sit quietly without people there lol (I had my relaxing clothes on – if I went out in that… it would be all bad!! And I was with boss – I definitely do not want to be hit on around my boss nope!

So we stop at grocery store and got what wanted. I swung back by my location to get bosses car… and then my boss followed me.

Lol the hotel is awesome but the area not so much lol… but is Sacramento – certain areas are not great. Some are – some are not and the homeless issue is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!

My boss says “uhhh you sure you ok here, did you see what we drove through?” Lol

It’s safe – they have amazing security here ❤️ is well kept. is just Sacramento

So then we just de-stressing talking about what happened today – my boss had a HUGE service and it was really difficult! So just venting about everything. And then chattering about stuff

We laughed and laughed lol

My boss told me how stressful it is and the pressure is under. I say “you have us – if we can help – just ask”

My boss told me some serious things.

I also told boss things – like someone trying to poach… but I didn’t respond and boss said – respond – keep your options open! They will treat you good. 😮

And then we speak on personal levels and just you know life.

Boss just needed a minute of self care – I said that – I said “be careful – remember self care! Take a minute to breathe sometimes because you are gonna burn out”

And my boss said “ I already am” 😮

I am hourly so when I over work … I get overtime

But boss is salaried so boss salaried for 40 hours … yet works constantly like rest of us

No overtime or anything for boss

The job is demanding and we trying to take care of our families the best we can

It’s just a job you can kill yourself for… so be careful

All of us are thoughtful and caring so. It is us… not the corporation. But to them we all expendable

It’s hard and you feel for your employees

My boss said would make sure we all get raises for how hard we work… but we see – my boss can say that – but whether or not corporate will do is another thing.

I have not had a moment like that to sit with boss and go over everything – was really good!!

My boss said next time you do this (the hotel thing) do closer to my house and you come for dinner.

My boss stayed from 3pm to 6pm … my boss bought dinner 🙌 I did ask what I owed and boss said no no

So was good to have a quiet chill relaxed meeting

We share same birthday so I understand my boss? Because I know what sign is…So I know the behaviors and emotions lol because that is also me lol 😉✌️ is same exact day lol

Boss also has guards just like me . Because “people” … you just have to know who to trust. Be observant. Take your time knowing someone – people always want you to see best of them – but give it time – if they still the best they shine … if they are not – you see that too

Time shows you things 😉

My boss is good person. Good heart, good motives, and good intentions.

Anyway, ok so that was today

Lessons were …do self care because if you don’t – who will? However you need – you do that.

Also… never ever forget bag of shoes again!!! 😉✌️


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