No Monday!

Lol… so yeah… Today was weird… first “I” was scheduled to work it as always…

But then no someone else was going to… so ???

But then they want me training with them… so ok trisha come in do a half day…

So I went in thinking training for half day but trained for little bit sorta… and then they took half day lol

So then tmrw leaves only 3 of them…

The one at my location has 2 appts tmrw (they are virtual – we are doing arrangements virtually at this time)

No walk ins by appt only, please call first due to covid… so that’s what we doing at this moment.

So she be only one in office … she will have to forward phones to one of the other 2.

She will put sign up on door saying please call and the number for assistance

If is something urgent the other girls can reach her by cell

She is not happy lol… she asked “how come you are not going to be there?”

Before I even told her anything I checked with my boss… I said to my boss “are you sure you do not need or want me tmrw cause here’s what you got”

And was told … “you need a rest… take time off” lol

So anyway, I told my girl I wouldn’t be in cause I have not had a day off

And she just says “great”

She kinda complained a little – but she can handle it. It will be ok. It has not been bad. It is smoother now

Wait til she sees what I did to my desk lol 😘✌️😄

I don’t like what is up on the shelf … I just wanted some prettiness …

But then I had to put an important box up there 🤨… and I didn’t want the hole punch on my desk so that’s up there too… I just found the other stuff around the funeral home lol ✌️😄… and we always have candles 🕯❤️

They make a big deal about people’s desks because they say it shows who they are – this does not show me – this is temporary lol … I don’t know what decorations I want yet – these are fine and homey for now ❤️

But I changed the configuration all around. And the other girl today moved all the electronics with my computer

This is what I ended up with for right now. I like it. ❤️

Anyway… so… I have tomorrow off ❤️😮 lol … I have a MONDAY off!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ woo hoo!! I get to skip right on over that!!! ❤️

No Monday for me ❤️❤️❤️


Ok I have to change and I will be back 😘❤️❤️

But you need to watch these cause these are awesome ❤️:

That one is from Halloween 🎃

Check this one out for Christmas :

I love when someone does that ❤️ and when they put the lights and the music together – I really love that ❤️❤️❤️

I am going to change and come back to read ❤️✌️


Well… I was not supposed to work the whole day lol… but whatever – is “hours”

So here I am. Is going really well. Knock on wood.

I do still feel nervous but I am still new. Still learning so it be good. I am excited.

Oh yeah… during the day… I love those car lights… but at night while driving – I do not like them on. It is too distracting on highway.

First… there is pretty light… my whole interior softly lit… I have it on blue of course because I am also a matcher lol … I like my things to match lol ✌️😘

I can see everything, and that’s distracting while I am driving … and not only that…

But people can see me – in the dark… so no… I do not like it at night.

But daytime is awesome ❤️✌️ I will enjoy them during the day.

I love how pretty they are!

Alright so what day am I on? Sunday? Ok … I have tomorrow and Tuesday off!! Pretty sure!! Cause I don’t remember when I last had off?

I keep having to remember what day it is lol ✌️

Alright well let me get back to work 😘✌️

Ooooohhh ok wait … if you are easily offended … be done with this post and do not read any further … lol … I laugh but I am serious …

Ok so someone sent me this and I just find it funny…

So if this were to actually explain how each religion people are…

Then what am I?? Lol

I would not be Catholic because I do not like what that says lol

Instead … I believe I would be Protestant lol … I have to be!! Omg … when I read that one – I thought “yup that’s me” – currently anyway ✌️

But according to this …I could also be Taoism (I don’t know much about that) but shit happens so they are right lol – or an atheist lol 😄😄 – cause I also don’t believe shit lol

That’s too funny – those are very funny to me.

Alright I have to work ✌️😘


I have to be a weirdo 😮

So I have to accept something and go through it…

And covid is concern/issue here.

I am just to accept and not come in.

I am all geared up. ✌️ I am very uneasy … it will just be a hand off … I will have to go through myself and list everything and do docusign.

Docusign is best invention in the world – invest in that! Because thank you Docusign ❤️

Yes being careful and staying safe. These things are unavoidable. Life will hand me what is to be.

So alright I gotta go be a weirdo ✌️ 😳🙏🙏

Please don’t kill me or anyone I love, life!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lights, Christmas, Vaccine

Omg I love my inside car lights ❤️❤️❤️ that is awesome!!!

At first I had it the solid blue… but I hit a button and it aligned with my music 😮😱❤️❤️ sweet!!! 😊❤️

Oh yeah … I forgot to tell you 2 things from yesterday… first… heard my first Christmas song on way to work…

Here comes the big lead up into Christmas season. Oh boy

Anyway… that brings me to the other thing I forgot…

So ya know… again – it’s 2020, so things are different right? For a minute – until they are better

Well I brought up the Christmas pizza idea lol 😄😄😄❤️

Everyone was ALL for it… except 19… 🤨 … who asked to have a McChristmas 🤨😄😄 uhhh no!!

As if!!

Omg that kid!!!

Also… these people think when they turn 18 – they just know life 🤨 … ok my love 😘 you go ahead and think that. We all have our own lessons.

But it was funny cause they so matter of fact about knowing everything – they have no clue

Ahh ya know… to be young ✌️😘

Everything was fine this morning 👏

Oh did I mention – I ordered the ipod7 for work… I don’t pay for it work does… but the funeral home needed it, because the other one died? (No pun intended 🤨😄)

So that is done. And I am organizing files and preparing lol ✌️😘

I have to Christmas shop 😳

These people I work with … we work in funerals … they are the most compassionate and thoughtful people! They are both very funny and very sweet!!

They notice details about you… and then get you very touching gifts 🎁

So …

… alright I will need to make a list

This morning, on the radio… I heard that someone suggested we pay people to take the vaccine … lol… ya know… money talks… realistically it does

I think some people would take that and that would be good idea.

So then yes do that… you want some money? Here come take the vaccine 💉

Times are hard. How you gonna turn that down? What you say?

How would you say no? Why would you? Virus protection and money…

Anyway… I have to go and manage lol ❤️❤️😘✌️

I am sooo sorry to be slacking!! I just got a promotion so settling in… I try to carve time when able – I will get there – just give me slack 😘✌️ I be back 💋


I can not even imagine life without Friday. ❤️ that would suck!

Obviously I worked. I am doing well SO FAR!!!

Remember that woman I told you about? The one who we click and have same birthday?

Well I think she really wants to be my friend (lol not to sound like elementary school or anything ✌️)

She really wants to be my friend – but she is afraid to 😮

She will have to make that choice on her own.

She wants to let go and vent and speak freely – but she is afraid to speak freely or be backstabbed 😮😮

So I’m just gonna let her come to me as she wants to. She can trust me – but she needs to figure that out. Me saying it doesn’t mean anything.

So that was it on that.

Then I left for home… everyone was already there and waiting for me ❤️❤️❤️

So I have this problem… if I buy presents for anyone too early… I am not good with that. I am horrible… the minute whatever it is, is in my hands – I am hinting about something awesome for you lol … and then when I can’t take it anymore – I finally just say “here let me just give you your present early – just go with it” lol

Well… my oldest did that to me tonight lol ❤️

He said “hey ma, would you like an early Christmas present tonight?” 😮 (I’m not fricken saying no!!) lol

Umm sure lol ❤️

When I got my new blue car…

You know how your phone listens to you and then gives ads from what it heard 🤨 … well it gave me an ad for these really cool lights INSIDE the car!! Totally makes me remember “Pimp my ride”

So when I first got my car I talked about pimping it out “ME” style lol … anyway he got me the INSIDE lights – omg it looks so cool!! It looks really amazing at night – I have not see it when driving… but my car is lit!! Woo hoo – I just need some subwoofers lol 😄✌️… one can dream 😘✌️😄

It’s like all electric blue!!! 💙💙💙 i fricken am loving pimping out my car!!! Yay!! Yay for early presents … not that it is at all about presents because it is not. But I did get excited ❤️ – I am still excited ❤️ – and can not wait to drive home in the dark tmrw ❤️❤️❤️ wooo hooo!!!

Also… I can change whatever color I want… doesn’t have to be blue lights – could be purple – whatever I want

I can make it dance to my music – like a fricken night club in my car lol 💙💙💙💙 wooo hooo! So how much is a subwoofer? Lol 😄✌️ kidding but omg ..then it be kickin it lol

I would want to just drive everywhere lol

When I was in high school – fricken millennia ago lol… we used to cruise lol … omg it was so bad ass!!!

First of all… it was always the cars and the speakers …

You be on point when you went cruising … car sparkling, windows down – it would be summer so perfect temps – and it would be every single teenager from all 3 local high schools lol…

Sometimes we would have super soakers lol – we had fun!! Wow I forget 😮😮

Today on my car ride into work … it played this song …

That’s like a ghost huh??

But that song brings me right back into high school.

A boy I dated, liked that song.. and wanted to hear it all the time lol – so it is etched in my mind – I forgot all about that until I reheard the song today after many years. Lol ✌️❤️

Anyway… back to the evening … I got sidetracked

So we had another little thanksgiving with boys – and now everything is gone. Lol … that is very good though because I had no room for things!!

We played games … we had a ton of games to be playing… but none of us are agreeing what game to play lol

19 is the complainer lol … 13 gets all powered up 🤨😄 … 26 wants us to play these games he loves so bad but some won’t

We ended up playing Set

We all love set… even if they moan at first… then they start playing and we laughing ❤️ and they will always play that ❤️ it’s pretty cool – perception match 😘✌️

I got that when I was sick ❤️ they would play with me ❤️

So… we did that.

We chatted and stuff too – it was a fast night because I got home at 6pm they already here.

Anyway I have to get my ass to bed because omg I am working again tmrw and it is way late and I didn’t see that until just right now!

Alright good night 😘❤️✌️

Hopefully no barricades tmrw 🙏🙏🙏 our security is aware so it’s fine ✌️

Oh the issues lol

Speaking to the maintenance guy… I was mentioning the fence…

But then I also mentioned the barricade when I came in this morning…

I said “I dunno how they get in? Had to be the roof”

And he tell me, he does Maintenence on roof and last time he went up there – there was clothing and beer bottles, wine bottles – like someone living up there? 😮

He said they cleaned it all up and been fine.

But ok. Good to know.

When I asked “how do they get on the roof?”

He say “probably use the trash bins and climb up” 😮😮😮

Ok so I got situations 🤨

No worries 😉… I’ll handle it – confident -ish ✌️😘

Ok I have to do more stuff ✌️😘 still working


I am working my own location… all by myself.

I got to work this morning … I go in the back way … meaning there is a big rod iron gate with the spikes – I have the key to get in the gate… so I do that…

I go to come in the back door… and when I turned the corner to the back door – there was a barricade around the door 😮

😳😳 so I slowly (lol) checked it out and there was no one there … but there was tissues and a lighter left behind the barricade

This back area is surrounded by rod iron fencing with the spikes!! I don’t know how they could have gotten in there?


Why is my location riddled with issues? 🤨😄🤨

Anyway… I think they got in from the roof??

I took video as I came up on it and sent to boss – we sending to security so they can handle it 🤨 hopefully 🙏

Lovely … and good morning 😘✌️😄❤️

How it turned out …

And that – was perfection ❤️ sorta … for 2020 ✌️🤨

Everything went great. Work was good. Was done at noon. Turkey done at like 12:30pm so I let it cool carved it and I have containers ✌️ trash all gone everything cleaned up like nothing ever happened lol ✌️😄

So I was preparing to leave… brought all my stuff to the door and shut all the doors, and then went to load my car lol omg

So we are in a neighborhood 🤨

I was loading the oven into my trunk… and the neighbor directly there was out.

And he’s always nice – there are 2 – both men …

One is quiet and smiley lol … the other one reminds me of a New Yorker but he is not one lol

Anyway… I have seen them and spoken to them before. Lol they are nice – always say hi… watch out for the funeral home … nice guys.

So he says to me – I can’t believe they have you working today! Next time you let me know and I’ll bring you a Bloody Mary 🤨😝😝😝 (yuk) and no thank you – I only smiled – didn’t say anything.

He say to me… you got here early 🤨 lol … I don’t like when people make note of my times and behaviors – don’t make note of that!! That’s creepy!!

I just said “ya, little early”

And he was like “what time” 🤨

What? Lol why he gotta know that? Is he keeping records?

We talking and I mention “I am the office manager now ❤️ woo hoo” lol ✌️😘

And then the next 20 minutes I got to hear about a fence that needs replacing and other things from the funeral home lol … ok well I am just beginning … let’s not have everyone jump on me all at once!! Let me get through the door first ya know???

So that was a lesson lol ✌️

Whatever… then I close up – set alarm… and head home

Got home made all the other dishes which I had ready to go, had a really nice thanksgiving with daughter ❤️ went smooth and easy and peaceful ❤️ was quiet. Have a lot of leftovers to do all over again tmrw (minus the cooking ❤️) – not that I don’t love cooking… totally do! But I am tired lately and working a lot. That is ALOT of planning and work!! And work a job all the time. Whew pulled that off though ❤️

Now I immediately have to start thinking of Christmas 🤨

Ughhhh … lol …

Christmas will be pizza 🍕 lol ❤️

Ya know – change it up 😘❤️ hahaha I wonder if they would go for it ??? lol

I smile to really want that lol ❤️

I could make it holiday fancy 😘✌️ I am skilled lol

❤️ see Christmas Pizza 2020 sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? lol ✌️😄

See makin all kinds of memories for 2020

I am the oncall tonight 😮😝😝 ugh … Thursday’s are my oncall nights now with this new position 🤨😝✌️

I work tmrw and the weekend too lol omg lol … I have Monday and Tuesday off I THINK?? I do not remember

I need to wash my car 🤨 but is winter – I wash it, and it will rain 🤨

I’m all full and little sleepy… I have to go to work tmrw – think am going to my location – pretty sure? I will check in the morning

Remember when I used to always complain about communication and how there was a lack of communication??

Well now I have a plethora lol 🤨😄 which is good too – I don’t mind and I like it – I love communication.

These people are always texting me lol …

Omg – but I do adore them ❤️

Well anyway … I am going to change, go lay in bed and read for little bit 😘❤️ i be back

But good night 😘❤️✌️

Thanksgiving 2020

Well Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽… I am working lol ✌️ it is quiet ❤️

I have ALL 3 funeral homes. 😮 … until tomorrow morning 8am 😮 should be fine 😉

So how does my 2020 Thanksgiving look? Well is a little different – I got a little creative.

I am a planner – severely – if I can see something coming at me I try to plan ahead of it.

Alright lol… so having said that…

I got messaged yesterday by my weather app saying that we gonna have high wind advisory

Ok so what does that mean ?? Are we dry?? Is that a fire danger ?? Am I gonna lose power – I am out in the country!! It is Thanksgiving. C’mon

So I did not want to leave that up to chance. Yeah no. That’s not happening

There is no way!! Nope!!!

So last night I prepared all the things I needed and packed them to come with me today.

I have a little tiny kitchen here. I am a mom – lol … we always have everything 😘 I have become very resourceful lol ❤️✌️ (someone asked me for something unusual the other day and I had it in my purse lol – their face was priceless and then they said “why?” … because I am a mom and we carry everything – what you need?) 😄✌️

I have a little hot plate and then also a Turkey roaster

I brought them and the Turkey and got here an hour early to get that situated. It be done by time I leave ❤️ I don’t even have to baste nothing, is doing everything for me ❤️ self basting ❤️

So I have to work anyway, it can cook – just incase we lose electricity at home. I do not want to take chances in 2020 anymore lol – I just could NOT!

So I did that.

It smells amazing if you came to see me here today lol. Very homey ❤️❤️

I also have lights just down – I have them on – just softer

Had a few calls but nothing bad.

Also… I got clearance to wear whatever I wanted ❤️ woo hoo!!

I am wearing lol ❤️❤️❤️… black yoga pants lol – comfy but I figure still black. Which is mourning. Omg are they so comfortable!!! I am just comfortable ❤️

Then I wore a tank top and a cute button down top over tank top. It’s cute and comfy… and I wore some nice fuzzy warm boots – I showered but I did not put make up on 😮 lol – my mask 😷 lol 😄✌️ I don’t wear a ton but always always always have eye make up and lipstick (although with masks and covid – I have saved money not buying my lipsticks – another added bonus of the awesome masks ❤️✌️)

It is cold today. Only 63f for high. Don’t even tell me the Celsius – it will sound colder 🥶 (remember I am Californian – I am wimpy lol ✌️)

I have to buy a new iPod for the funeral home. So I have to shop online today 😮

Ours broke somehow?? It was plugged in and just poof opened … like completely opened up!! Screen area popped off from rest of it. It’s junk now

Could that have popped like that due to having it plugged in? 😮 Was Apple 

They need a new one.

So they tell me shop for new iPod and then look into music. So they want possibly Spotify? I dunno I gotta do some research lol

We ALL have Apple iPhones ❤️ there are no androids here 😄✌️

We need the iPod for musical selections to provide for the families

I would probably do lowest memory because we just need a selection of music 🎼 – it is for funeral home only.

So I will find.

Anyway… so cooking and working at the same time – check it = multitasking ✌️😘

Then I go home and just make everything else hopefully but I even have back up there ❤️✌️

I just feel better having plans. Then things work smoothly. Life doesn’t always let me do that 🤨😄✌️

Ok well whatever

Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday lol ✌️😄 – but you should really adopt Thanksgiving… is a nice boring holiday to eat and be thankful – is peaceful ❤️✌️

Usually you have family, but ya know, Covid, or bad things so whatever

Ok I have to go back to work 😘✌️

Thanksgiving Eve

So … wow. Where to begin?

Well… let’s first start with work… good day… was at my first favorite all day.

I got to be with the new kid lol… I am not the new person anymore lol ❤️ woo hoo!

He is cool… he’s young… he asks questions lol – he’s very friendly – good kid

Has a couple slight quirks lol 😄✌️ but eh whatever

The first thing is… if I speak to him – he comes close to me 😳 we masked but I still want distance

It’s not a big deal because he is not doing in a creepy/bad way… I think that is just how he is? I will say something if it becomes too much – but it’s fine for now and I am careful with covid anyway

And then the other thing? lol… ok my close friends all know my schedule – they usually do not text me during daytime – unless making me laugh or telling me info. But that’s not usually during day (they don’t like when I answer my own phone with the funeral home lol)

During the day… everyone who texts or calls my cell phone … they are ALL funeral people 😄

As a matter of fact I have to text my guy friend about something funny lol – I will do that later

Anyway… my phone for work – goes off alot during the daytime.

Every single time my phone went off – he is like “oooohhh who’s calling your phone?” “Who wants to talk to you?” 😳🤨😄

I’m like “what? No one.. just these people” lol

But he asked every time

And he’s like “what no one special?”

Uhhh nope lol

He acted like that was just unheard of ??

I’m like “well what about you?” cause he had just finished telling me some story about how he dates but doesn’t like anyone lol

I just don’t even bother with it yet. I have not actually opened that door. I’m a little nervous to actually open that door. And I don’t really know how, so whatever – I am busy currently? Let me have it settle down before I take anything like that on.

But then I suppose you really do not get to decide when things will happen so whatever ✌️ what will be, will be …if it is meant to be

Anyway… cute kid… very young lol … but boy is he excited about his job!! He is going to do really well!! He is very happy also! Lol

He is younger than my oldest.

I learned how to do something today. ❤️ Did a new thing all on my own with a contract and financials!! 😊❤️

And then… there is something. Not a big deal… just an observation with something.

There is a woman who has recently come into my life and I’ve been getting to know her very slowly. The more I know her – the more I see me 15 years ago! All of it… I just see me.

I don’t know if is exactly like me? Hopefully not. 🙏

But the more I get to know her and learn about her – the more I see my own spirit and myself … but from like 15 years ago… it is weird.

I already had a connection with her right off the top meeting her… was like one of those people you instantly click with?? That’s harder as adults but it was there and we clicked

And then… I learn things slowly and we are not like close close or anything…

She has the exact same EXACT SAME birthday as I do – just her year is different

It’s really weird!!!

Clicked right away

She reminds me of me

We have the same birthday (diff year)

It’s very much like watching myself?? It’s really weird!!

Well whatever – it blows my mind sometimes 😮 it’s just really weird!!

Ok and then LASTLY (?) … I am somewhat new to having new boobs so …

I just have like 4 of the exact same bra that I had for after surgery. I just always use that.

I hurt a lot. I just have always since the surgery. I have really bad nerve damage on that right side. Down my arm, under my arm, up the side of my neck and that entire right side chest area

The left is ok… but the right was always the bad side.

So I just keep that original bra cause is what they had me wear and what I know…

I have 4 of them to change out.

I don’t really know these breasts? I just kinda ??? I try not to pay attention to them – like it was before – but they just cause so much attention always everywhere, with everything! 🤨


I have gift certificates to Victoria’s Secret … because people gave me that stuff because it was boobs ✌️ I would need new stuff – I never used them because I don’t know what to buy or what to do with these!! I’m so lost where to even begin with these because they are just different.

I would have to just go to Victoria’s Secret and take my shirt off and be like ok – figure it out for me lol

I had breasts before but I was a skinny girl so – I never had issues with breasts or bras before – was just never a problem… not a problem for me… I never paid any mind. They were normal – I grew into them

These new ones are weird. I just don’t really understand how to “handle” them?? I am thankful for them… I like them… I just don’t know them well yet. Haven’t really taken them outta the box so to speak lol

Right after surgery… someone gave me a black lacy really beautiful bra …

Well who I gonna wear that for? Lol … and where I gonna wear that? Lol

Is a bralette type? Really pretty – I have just never put it on

I wore it today 😮

OMG – a bra makes a HUGE difference!!! Maybe kind, size, type… all of it.

I felt so comfortable!! I didn’t hurt as badly ❤️❤️❤️

The big scar is on “my” right side, the left side has a small hide-able scar

I didn’t know a bra would make THAT big of a difference cause OMG!!! Usually I ache in pain!! I did not ache in pain like normal today or even right now 😮😮

(Also… my shirt was not sitting that way today… it goes up higher but I was getting ready to change)

Alright 🤨 I just don’t want to have to deal with boobs … and now I have to SHOP for boobs

I will put it off for right now because – I just don’t want to!!!

But I will say – wow!!! Hardly any pain!! Not at all like it normally is!! ❤️

So I have that black one… I might just need to get a few 🤨 because I really liked not being in pain … but let’s see how long I can push that? 😳🙏 I just don’t want to do that right now.

I would rather just not now. I will… and I might break down and just do it. 🤨 but I would rather wait –

I am also not really ready for “that”?? I haven’t gotten that far yet. I have been avoiding 😘✌️

I just had not tried anything else than what I had been using – is what they tell me to wear

I am not in as much pain as I usually am at night ❤️

Alright I have to respond – the run because I have to line everything up tonight so that tmrw runs seamless …

I work in morning until noon… come home, cook, have dinner clean and chill or whatever she wanna do

I have to lay out all the ingredients and have everything ready to go pop pop pop.

I also can wear anything I want tmrw so… I want to have that all laid out and ready to go

So yeah I have to make sure all things are ready to go.

If not – oh well. But I would like it to 🙏

We aren’t going anywhere and no one coming over lol … I just want it smooth for me lol ✌️(am still giving daughter thanksgiving ❤️) and mini one Friday for boys .


Happy Thanksgiving 😘❤️ I am thankful for “you” ❤️ and I am thankful to be alive ❤️✌️

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